[IC] Corona Case Preview

Mint Corona Case with GMK 9009 in a HHKB layout with a verdigris patina brass plate and Hako Royal Trues.

This case is actually 27mm tall - the final version will be either 23mm or 24mm tall.


I like the curves on this!. I’m not sure how it would look, but maybe having the HHKB blockers integrated with the case would look a bit more… filled out?

I don’t actually know how to draw my intentions well. But the nice rounded corners in the front right at you? If those extended intwards to cover the HHKB blocked portion. I hope I’m making some sense

That is so weird. I love it!

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always impressed with your 3d printed cases, keep it up!

I’ll definitely make a version of that. I made a few HHKB style Iconic cases (basically Apple M0110s), so it’s a bit of support material underneath and you can wedge the PCB and plate under the blocks to hide it.

I also already had the plate patina done, so I was trying to find a place to use it where you could easily see the corners. I probably should’ve gone with SA keycaps for more of a typewriter look, but I don’t have an SA sets with a 7u spacebar.

One gripe I have about HHKB layout, is I wish it would take 1.25u from each side of the PCB so it would work with more of a standard 60% layout - so perhaps I’ll get a GH60 and prototype a 1.25u block case out of this. It would also make it a bit easier to buy keycaps for.

Edit Here’s an orange in 2224 style (so 24mm instead of 27mm) with the same PCB and keycaps - the verdigris plate patina has a nice contrast to the orange plastic.

Also, entirely unrelated, the last photo is Cassette Futura in hot pink with GMK Laser

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Standard 60%, just skip the 1.25u outer edge keys and you should be able to slide the PCB and plate right under these two side blocks. I still need to put a small radius on the block corners though. 3D printed supports tend to mar the surface underneath, but are hidden under the blocks, so it looks clean when assembled.

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this looks awesome, id love to have one as my traveler keeb,

Hey Keyboardbelle,

Aside from the mini run on Massdrop; will you be stocking more cases on your site?

It seems aside from the Iconic case, the rest are prototype. I’ve been wanting to get one of the cassette futura cases, but don’t know if I should just get a prototype, or wait until ’ production’ models are ready.

Thanks :slight_smile: I hope you keep up the hard work.

The Cassette Futura is done design-wise. My plan is to finish the Massdrop order in the next couple weeks (maybe sooner depending on a few other factors) and then resume stocking the store.

This weekend I should be meeting the engineer to pick up some recently finished 3D printers and that should remove the bottleneck for keeping the store stocked.

The design for Cassette Futura is final, most of the prototypes are prints from fine tuning the print settings to get the best possible print.

The three Pumpkin Spice prints are the best quality prints in the prototype shop right now (those are the last ones I printed) and the Massdrop prints should be identical in quality and I’ll use a similar print file to create the final Cassette Futura prints.