[IC] DCS Alps Pingmaster

Hi Everyone!
Fredington (from Geekhack) and I would like to introduce you to DCS Alps Pingmaster!

Like many in this hobby, I discovered Alps switches and ended up loving them. But unfortunately, there isn’t that much choice for Alps lovers when it comes to keycaps. It seems like the only choices are Tai Hoa sets (but dolch is always out of stock), the sets from those two GBs from back in the 2010’s, or a yellowed vintage set. And good luck finding a set with a single zero keycap for the numpad. Honestly, as a fan of Alps switches, I kind of just want a new keycap set haha

A few key things about this set:

  • The set is PBT with Dye-sublimated legends
  • We went the PBT route since Alps keycaps in Doubleshot ABS tend to have an issue of very fragile stems, and SP informed us that because the PBT Alps keycaps are single shot molded, fragile stems shouldn’t be an issue
  • The longer spacebars (6u, 6.25u, 6.5u, 7u) will be in ABS as the PBT spacebar is known to warp pretty badly
  • For those looking for a replacement for their vintage set, we’re pricing out a BIG ASS ENTER key!…Please note, SP stated that these have to be pad-printed
  • The set was inspired by the IBM Pingmaster because I’ve always liked the Japanese Alps keycaps.
  • We added Katakana modifiers and will admit that some of the Katakana modifiers have very rough translations, but we kept it as more of a design choice
  • All Modifiers will have MX mounts for stabilizers
  • Icon Modifiers included based on the Pingmaster’s mods

Geekhack IC Thread: https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=107021.0

If you are interested in this set,please fill out this form here! There also may be a question regarding future sets :wink:


Base Kit

Should have you covered for most layouts that don’t include a numpad. And if you don’t mind having the wrong modifier based on the translation, you most likely could use this set for a 40s layout

Icon Modifiers

After a bit of feedback, we wanted to also offer Icon Modifiers! Modeled this Kit after the icons from the Pingmaster

BIG ASS Enter Keys

Part of why we wanted to create a standard colorway was for the people who want to replace their yellowed keycaps on their vintage Alps keyboards. And it really wouldn’t be a complete set without the Big Ass Enter Key now would it?
(As stated above, these have to be pad-printed)


Split out ISO into its own kit and included accents; we initially wanted to include this and the Numpad in one large base kit, but it was proving to be quite expensive


As stated with the ISO kit, we initially wanted the base kit to include everything, but due to the legends, it got a bit pricey. So we split out the Numpad to make it more affordable.

Split Spacebars

We added a Split Spacebar kit for more compatibility with various layouts. Please note which spacebars are marked as ABS

Other Considerations:
We wanted to include relgendables in the GB, but they only offer them in a couple of PBT colors. And because the tooling was made for ABS, the PBT tends to shrink

Color Codes:
Standard SP Color Codes; a bit delayed as SP is not taking any new orders till 7/1

Special Acknowledgements:

  • Thank you again to Fredington for creating the fonts, kits, and just being a pleasure to work with
  • Thanks to ai03 for giving us his blessing. It was genuinely a mistake that this set looks like his SimpleJA keycap set; we honestly forgot that he had already created a PBT set with Katakana sublegends


  • Gather feedback (done)
  • Possible polling (currently evaluating)
  • Finalize kits (on-going; we are also looking into a “Medium Ass” Enter Key)
  • Finalize colors (in progress; SP isn’t taking new orders until 7/1)
  • Pricing (in progress; apologies for the delay as we wanted to try and get the kits as close to finalized as possible prior to posting pricing)
  • Possible renders
  • Vendors
  • GB Date

Changelog (Posted on GH on 6/18)

  • Added Icon Modifiers Kit
  • Broke out accents to be combined in other sets
  • Included standard accents in Base Kit
  • Included Icon BAE keys with accents in BAE Kit
  • Broke out ISO into its own kit, and included accents and Icon ISO Enter Keys with accents
  • Added Split Spacebars Kit (note: Similar to the base kit, the longer 6u and 6.5u spacebars will be made in ABS)


  • Confirmed that the spacebars will be ABS

dat big ass enter tho. These probably aren’t for me, but they are awesome and I hope they do well!

Big Ass Enter key…
When your ISO needs ISO🙂

Commented on GH and I’ll comment on here. This is a kick-ass set. I’m looking forward to it and very much endorse the BAE! Thank you for doing it!


If memory serves me correctly, there are a few different ways that BAE keys are made. I remember the push to make a GMK one for mx but it never went through because of this reason. Some Mx BAE are stem centered and some are slightly offset. Are all Alps BAE keys stabilized and mounted the same way? I have not clue, honestly.

Here’s an example I have on hand


Yea definitely. We’re waiting on pics/samples from SP to get a sense of where the mounts are because no one seems to know lol

Oh niceee…I did read somewhere that SP tends to put their stab mounts closer to the stem mount, but I’m honestly unsure

not to mention I have an ortek board with a BAE and it uses mx mount costar stabilizers (acutally, it uses 2 on the one key). Standards, people. Why is this so hard?? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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