[IC] DSA Deco


Hi everyone! I am continuing to gather feedback from the community for the latest revisions to my keycap set, DSA Deco.

Here is the keycap set project image gallery: https://imgur.com/a/lpkB6jF

If you haven’t already, please take a moment to complete the Interest Check form: https://goo.gl/forms/Q71y251lj7glCWnf2

Thank you much!


I like it. But no 40% support


Thanks! Specifically which 40% board(s) would you like to see supported?


Personal opinion: I like the font, the novelties are cool, and I always love it when key cap sets include ErgoDox support. I was surprised the set wasn’t in black and gold, but maybe that’s my own bias / stereotype about “deco” styles (which I immediately associated with The Great Gatsby and the Roaring 20s).


I like the color scheme being used, but oh man am I a sucker for black and gold. Having a deco-style black/gold colorways would be awesome


Hey! Thanks for the feedback! Black and Gold were in the running at one point, but due to another set in the works at Signature Plastics, we had to go another direction – for a second time. (Originally colors were similar to those in DSA 2049, unbeknownst to us!).

Here are some of the options that were being kicked around before the landing on the current set of colors and generating the current render set –

Like any of these most?


Oooh I really like the off-white and black on black combo in redux_3, too! I don’t think I’ve seen a set like it before.


Thanks! I do too! The concern with such a dark color for the modifiers is that the legends / novelties may not show up well since this set will be dye sub PBT. This process requires the print area to be darker the plastic used for the cap. :frowning:


Ahh that makes sense, I still do like the proposed colorways, though :slight_smile:


Of those, the third is my favorite. I like when there is a pop of color somewhere on the board. Number 2 is a distant second; to me, there isn’t enough of a difference between the alphas and the modifiers, and the addition of the blue doesn’t pop as much IMHO (or maybe I just like the shade of green in 3 better? it’s hard to say).

I know you said that the novelties may not turn out well on such a dark background, so perhaps you could use the same colorway but switch the color for the alphas and the modifiers? I’m not sure if it would look good, but it would be an option at least.

Just my $0.02.


Number two all day long.


#2 reminds me a bit of DSA Quartz. Either way I think having off-white alphas is the way to go. Not a big fan of having colored alphas and neutral modifiers like 1 and 4.


Your typical staggered 40% will need at least the following: 1.25 and 1.75 shift, 1.75 enter, 1.25 caps and/or tab, 1 u backspace. Minivan specifically has some 1.5 sized caps.


1.75u Shift and 1u Backspace are in the Adapter Kit. I could certainly look at adding 1.25u Shift, 1.25u Caps Lock and/or Tab, and some 1.50u options. What all legends would be preferred for the 1.50u options? (i.e. “Fn”)


I’m not too familiar with with minivan layouts. I would Google a fee minivan capable sets.


The default minivan layout has 2 1.5 on the bottom row and a 1.75 in the bottom right, a 1.5 in the position you’d expect enter and a 1.75 where you’d expect backspace.

Honestly. I wouldn’t account for minivan. When the 40s crowd say 40s layout they’re talking jd40/45 layouts imo. The minivan layout is all kinds of odd imo.


Not loving the off-center legends on DSA. Maybe this would be better on GMK?


I will be adding some keys specifically for 40% support folks!

Please keep the feedback coming, and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take a moment to fill out the Google Form.
It is just 3 questions long, and one 1 question [Yes/No] is required! :slight_smile:

Google Form: https://goo.gl/forms/Q71y251lj7glCWnf2

Thanks so much!