[IC] DSA North (UPDATE 02/10/2019. New visualization / New poll)

Hi everyone!

This an IC for the North Pole themed keycap set.

Initially, my plan was to simply design bilingual Latin/Cyrillic keyset that would not look weird to a native Russian speaker, but it happened to expand into much more than that. I also had quite some issues with the famous Cherry Cyrillic set, I hope to address them as well.

For this project I have created a custom legend. In addition to that there are monosets with minimalistic icon modifiers and novelties.

The set will be produced by Signature Plastics using PBT with dye-sublimated legends. The keycap profile is DSA. The base color for the set is cool white WFJ, blue modifiers are BFE and accents are red RAR.

IC and Poll links:

Geekhack thread

Google Poll


I like this set.

Super cool!

Thank! Prime excellent keyboard :slight_smile:

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@alexbarb not sure if you meant to, but it looks like you unlisted the post


I don’t normally like that shade of blue but this set really works in DSA.

Any Updates on this? I really want this keycap set