[IC] DSA Scientific (April launch)


Hi all,

First, the forum looks pretty sweet! I should hang around here more…

This is an interest check for DSA keycaps that will feature TI-calculator inspired themes. Layouts covered are 40% to full-size, including orthogonal.

I want your feedback! Let me spam you with these renders.









Feel free to ask any questions and leave suggestions about these kits. :cat:

Phase I: Grey / deep teal












Inspired by Texas Instruments calculators TI-30Xa and TI-30XIIS.


  • Deep teal set: [SP ABS] GB / GTD / YCB / PANTONE® 7476 C
  • Slate blue set: [SP ABS] NN / GRX / PANTONE® 2374 C

Looking forward to your comments!


Welcome here! I’ve been eyeing this kit for quite a while on Geekhack. Very impressive work! I don’t currently have any feedback but if I think of any I’ll definitely let you know.


I like it, fan of the colours, who’s the intended manufacturer? Also if you post a few replies, read a few topics etc the new member lock should lift quickly.


I’m going to guess they’re looking to use Signature Plastics, as they mention ‘SP ABS’ as the material in the set/color info.


BTW, I’m very interested in this set. I love the color way.


Yep think you’re quite right, thanks, it’s actually also specified in the GH thread, I went looking :slight_smile:


Yes! Signature Plastics.

I have actual keycap samples of the more crucial colours (including the Pantones).

Again, sorry about the picture quality (phone). Tone and saturation are well balanced and quite close to the real thing.




Just upped your permissions, you should be able to post some pictures now :smiley:
Also; deep teal set is best :wink:




Looks nice. Add a international kit and it’s solid.


I think your base kits are really great. FWIW though, I would love to see a mod kit done in that teal, and a mod kit done in that blue.

I’m sure that would overly complicate things, but dang would that be good.


I don’t love it at first sight, but I really like the design. I’ll keep my eye on this one.


I really like the design of this set! The only things I’d like to see added are an accent ESC key for the ortho kits (blue/yellow for the respective color way) and mod colored arrows.


OP has started a Massdrop poll: https://www.massdrop.com/vote/DSA-Scientific



For now, the main set is still necessary for ortho, so the Esc keys are indirectly included… However, I’m getting some complaint that the alphas should come with the ortho kit, which was my initial idea. In that case, the Esc keys would be included, among others.


The teal with yellow is really awesome.


Grey / deep teal. Yes please.:+1:


This is really cool and nostalgic for me. Best of luck when the GB launches!


Proposal for a 40s kit. As requested by some DSA fans.

Covers Vortex Core, JD40, AMJ40, MiniVan, and others.

Spacebars are 2.75u, 2.25u, 2u and 1.75u.