[IC] EnjoyPBT Slate


Thats great news, I’m in for sure!


I really like how you stuck with this set and pivoted from the original materials as the IC continued. Definitely interested, and will keep an eye out for it.


This is going to look so sharp on black boards. I can’t wait!


Clean af I like




Do you have any render of this on keyboard to see how the mods looks with the bases? Also which was the price of the 9009 when it was on GB?


epbt was $119 on kbdfans i believe, at least for r2.


Hmm, will there be samples soonTM? I’d like to see if there’s any kerning or issues like that.


there is also a windowed regular caps


Yes, i have enjoyPBT Valentine and that contains windowed keys as well.
But that wouldn’t be a priority for me, as i can see the if the led is on or of without an window. :slight_smile:


I’m definitely in for this set, love the updated colorway! ePBT/Gateron is my go to for thick, high quality PBT caps with great dye-subbing, so glad to see them expanding beyond their basic fare. Although I do gotta admit I love their sub-legend sets & some of the color combos they’ve used for the legends on them. The Orange/black Cyrillic set & red/black Hangul set are two of my favorite sets I own! :metal:


I’m really happy you included R3 PgUp, R2 PgDn, and R1 End!

I also wish that Gateron/ePBT labeled their rows in the same way GMK did :eyes:

Any potential plans of adding a blue esc and a red ANSI enter in case people want to match Red/Red enter/esc and blue/blue enter/esc?


I would also like to see enter/esc in the TU2 color as I would probably use that over the other options.


Nah I designed the kits how they are atm, sorry


Ill make some soon w the new colors



Understood, but still sad. :frowning:


Would like to see a render in all grey, cause that’s what i intend to rock.
And a render with the accented modifier keys because i cant imagine how they would look like on a board,
cause i’m just used to gmk 9009 style accents on enter and escape.


looks good!


Here’s an old render from the GMK based days. It’ll be pretty similar to this.


Final Kits