[IC] EnjoyPBT Slate


Looks awesome Hiney! Cannot wait for this set. Super pumped that you included the windowed caps. I will say, I can see people complaining about lack of alpha colored pipe key. I prefer mod color since I use 60%, but figured I’d throw it out there. Keep up the good work!!!


good look, i completely missed that. having it added




Why doesn’t it support * insert dumb layout here *


no dumb layouts allowed


No 10u space, I’m out.


Glad to see the keyset is still alive, been watching it since the first IC (wow, that was quite long ago…)


do you really want to include the numberpad in the base kit? I think a minority of people actually has a use for these keys.


yes lol


Boo, less kit splitting. More complete base kits.


Any chance for uniform 2B base & mods color?


Ortho kit looks great!


Probably about the same amount of people that use ISO keys tbh.


Soooo, can I buy yet?


maybe in the future. kits are final for this rendition

working on getting pricing right now!


also final kit update with that added alpha-colored | key


Sweet! Do you expect it to be about the same as EPBT 9009, seeing as the base kits are of a similar size?


ideally yes


Sadly no 2.25 + 2.75 u blanks for split spacebar


shifts will work