[IC] EnjoyPBT Slate


I know but blanks are always a bit nicer


I’m totally in for that color combo!!!


Super interested! So happy that so many great PBT sets are being introduced <3


I would definitely get this:+1:


Full ISO-UK support (" above 2 etc) would make this more appealing.


Would that be in a NORDE kit? If so he is working on an add-on like the 9009


It would be in a NorDeUK! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m doing the same iso kit as 9009, which is pictured. It’s not changing at this point


If that’s the case, I don’t see a need for the '@ key in the base kit. The #~ is required because you need something to fill the gap with ISO Enter, but '@ then becomes unusable/redundant if 2" is in the add-on kit. I think you can remove it.


to clarify for the people asking me

I am waiting on pricing and color samples

the GB won’t be until after that


thanks for the update, looking forward to this



Base $120 USD
International kit $25 USD
40’s kit $25 USD

EU proxy will be mykeyboard.eu
Asia proxy will be KBDFans
I believe an Indonesian proxy is being set up as well.

I’m getting color samples, they should arrive in 2-3 weeks


Definitely interested in this!


You might want to edit the first post to add these so that people don’t have to scroll halfway through the thread to find them.

I would also maybe call this an “Ortho kit” or something, since it appears to just add support for planck/preonic?


I’m in. How do I purchase this?!!?!!


Through one of the vendors when the GB opens




When is the GB slated to drop?


Samples should arrive to me in 2-3 weeks. Assuming all is good there, then soon after


Any news?