[IC] EnjoyPBT Slate


Samples mean were that much closer to GB right? :eyes:


yes. ideally within the next month


I like the sound of that. And just in time for christmas.




Definitely in


Now that kbdfans just released ePBT greyscale/muted it will probably be delayed til after that GB was run?
Hope that won’t mess with the MOQ, because it’s ‘similar’.


A few weeks yeah.


But that set seems a lot lighter than Slate. At least to my eyes.


Significantly lighter. At the darkest, this set is cool grey 10 and greyscale is only 5. That’s ~50% lighter at the ‘dark’ keys on the slate set. The bulk of the set is at a 1. Which might as well be off-white. :joy:

Edited: it was way too damn early and I said slate instead of greyscale. Slate (this thread) is far darker.


EPBT Slate is LIVE! Use code LETSGO2019 at checkout for $5 off the base kit. https://hineybush.com/epbt-slate/


Let’s go indeed! In like Flynn!


I love this set!
I’m in.


I saw some color keys in the base kit, shouldn’t they belong to the accent kit? :thinking:

well… it’s just me wanting to buy accent kit to mix with other set :rofl:


Nah they’re where they belong lol. I put them there as a small bonus to the base.


Will it launch on mykeyboard.eu too?
edit: it’s already on there!


Love it in.