[IC] ePBT RamenStop | Week 2 updates!

enjoyPBT RamenStop is a set inspired by small Japanese ramen shops. This set features plenty of cute iconic ramen shop novelties to fulfill your hunger for cute novelties.

United States: Kono
Canada: AuraMech
Europe: Candykeys
Asia: Zfrontier
Oceania: DailyClack

GB Date : TBD

Week 2 update:
Thank you for everyone who gave feedback in the first’s weekly update of RamenStop and following that I’ve made some changes accordingly.
Colors: It was evident from the first week’s responses that you guys did not like the charcoal/forest green texts and mods so we will be reverting to the original green color. However, there’s been a debate on which accent color belongs in the base kit, in solution to that I’ve made a color addon kit (Toppings kit) you can purchase separately. The base kit will come with no accent keys.
New novelties: New green colored novelties added to go with the Seaweed Addon kit.

If you have feedback or concerns join the PlopMK discord for more updates and info

Green (Chives) PANTONE 7715 C
Cool White (Narutomaki) PANTONE 656 C
Yellow (Eggyolk) PANTONE 106 C
Pink (Kamaboko) PANTONE 2039 C

so I better not see comparisons in the comments -_-

Intrest check Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdmAwDz3DLIFka4UezMdtMUMwTdW4d7Km7qwXAtT0HKBIT9ig/viewform?usp=sf_link


Base Kit

Novelties Kit (each kit sold separately)

Nomad Kit

Numbers Kit

Toppings Kit

Chopsticks Kit (each kit sold separately)

by yours truly


Prototypist J-01

TheKey.Company Candybar


Hand Engneering Haus

TheKey.Company M0lly




these updates are not final so if you have any feedback make sure to plop it down below :slight_smile:

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oh man if nothing else im in for like at least three of those novelty sets

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While it ain’t my favorite ramen shop,

I’m really liking the cool theme this set has going on! Count me interested :eyes:


I love this set already! Still, would love even more to see a dark/non-white alphas/base kit version maybe using one of the Pantones you selected.

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This run of RamenStop will not have a dark base or mods, but if this set is popular enough I have plans for ePBT RamenStop at Night :wink: @emonadeo

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I like these original colorways, it’s a shame the lettering was changed because of a remote similarity to ePBT Sushi (which is blue I might add?) and the green mods were removed then changed to an already overused dark forest color.

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reverted @kbunny

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Oof, this looks so good.