[IC] GEM65 - 65% / Gasket Mount / WKL / Seamless

We are super excited to finally launch the IC for our new project, the GEM65 WKL custom keyboard.
It is being designed by AeroClack and KEYGEM, and after quite a time of work and brainstorming we finally reached the IC stage.

The heart of the case is it’s weight, which is a brass diamond that pierces the bottom of the case. This weight is made of two brass pieces that fit inside the case to give more heft to the keyboard. The projected weight for the keyboard is around 1850 grams for the brass plate and 1700 grams for the aluminum plate version.

A first we would like to show you our first Renders :)

Link to Gallery: https://imgur.com/a/BPaMMsP

We would be happy if you would take some time to fill our the IC form:

Technical Details:

  • 65% WKL layout
  • Gasket Mount (poron)
  • Spring leaf system plate
  • Aluminum and brass plates offered
  • Solderable
  • USB-C daughterboard
  • Seamless design
  • ANSI and ISO support with one PCB


We have no fix color setup so far we were thinking of colors like Black, White, Burgundy and Rose Gold but we will also see what opinions you have.


At the moment there will be no proxies for other regions, however we will try to ship worldwide.


We would like to start with 50 units.

Next Steps:

  • Gather Feedback from the community
  • Talk to Manufacturer
  • Design PCB
  • Prototype

We would like to thank:

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Price target? Typing angle?

Looks nice - love the diamond.


We have no price so far since we do not want to place a price that we need to change multiple times since the costs are not clear. The angle is 7-degree


Will you be creating an IC survey form?

There is a link in my post :slight_smile:

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Current Layouts we would like to offer:

WinKey Version:

WKL Version:

• ANSI and ISO
• Backspace in the Top Row can be also used as 2x 1U
• Caps Lock can be normal or stepped
• 2.25U Shift can be also used as 1.25U + 1U