[IC] GG60 60% Bluetooth Travel Keyboard Kit(New update on April 20)

Updates for the GG60 and initial GB

GG60 Kits include as follows. (switches and keycaps are not included in the kit)

  • 1x alu case
  • 1x plate
  • 1x PCB(soldered)
  • One set cherry stabilizers
  • One set screws

QMK / Hotswap with Kailh socket / Bluetooth 5.0 / Alu Case / Type-C port / Charging indicator

Other information

  • There is no backlit for the initial GB, but the PCB supports SMD lights.
  • Besides black and red, maybe add one more color option for the case, probably grey. (We know many people want a white case, but due to the high defect rate, the price will be affected, we will release the white one in the future than now)
  • ESD protection was added
  • Switch direction: South-facing (in case of keycaps interference issue)
  • Cherry stabilizers (pre factory lubed)
  • Only ANSI layout for the initial GB, ISO layout coming later(2nd round GB)
  • You can choose to buy a PCB separately
  • GB opens between May 20 to June 10, exact date TBD
  • We provide free assemble service if you need it.

Hi, everyone! This is Chao. GG60 is a minimalist mechanical keyboard kit, it was designed for the people who like portable and small keyboards, the wireless function quite fit for the people who like travel and work mobile, one charge can last over 2 months.

We hope more and more people can enjoy a premium custom mechanical keyboard. So we tried our best to make it an affordable custom keyboard kit, only $99 for the basic kit.

More photos here

GG60 features:

  • Anodized Aluminum 6063 case

  • Bluetooth 5.0 with 2000mAh Lithium battery (estimated 2 months duration)

  • Hot-swap socket

  • QMK - fully programmable

  • Type-C terminal, Dual-mode, Wire/Wireless, charging when cable plugged

  • Black PCB with Gold pads

  • Switch south-facing

  • Low battery/charging indicators

Pricing (USD)

  • Basic kit 1: $99 (including Anodized CNC Aluminum Case, PCB, Aluminum Plate, and necessary tools, screws, etc.)

  • Basic kit 2: $109 (including Anodized CNC Aluminum Case, PCB, and Brass Plate and necessary tools, screws, etc.)

  • Extra Case: +$50

  • Extra PCB: +$50

  • Extra aluminum plate: +$12

  • Extra brass plate: +20 USD

  • Shipping fee: $35 for all locations, DHL Express

GB time: TBD
MOQ: 100 pcs

Please fill out IC form if you have an interest:)


Any chance of buying PCB only?

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Yes, for sure. We can offer that option.

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I’m in. I have been looking for something like this that I can put in my backpack and use at work.

I hate to be that guy, but is the Bluetooth FCC certified? What sort of battery protections does it have?

Yes, we will do FCC for the PCB board, and we have installed temp sensor IC on the PCB to protect the battery.

Is there RGB leds and underglow? Also is the battery removable and replacable?

Discord replied.