[IC] GMK Apollo - A Lunar Themed Keyset

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” - Neil Armstrong
GMK Apollo is here!

Hey all,
After tedious amounts of preparation and design, the interest check for GMK Apollo has finally arrived.
Inspired by the Apollo missions, I tried to center the entire kit around the moon landing and the moon itself, with the accents, mods, and alphas creating a moon/space-ey vibe.

If all goes to plan, the Group Buy will start on February 9th and will last 1 Month (until March 11th).

Here’s the color palette which was used for a visual reference:


Sample Renders:
Note that we did our best to make these renders are as accurate as possible, but just like any renders, the colors might not be 100% accurate :ok_hand:

Google Feedback Form:
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‘Command Module’ - Base

‘Telemetry Module’ - Numpad

‘Lunar Module’ - Novelties

‘Space Module’ - Spacebars

’Propellant Module’ - 40’s/Ortho

’Rama Cap’ - Coming Soon

Note: The line on the helmet novelty is supposed to represent the reflection of the moon :slight_smile:


45-ATS by Abec13

Think 6.5

More renders coming soon . . .

- Deskmat -

- GeekHack IC Page -
Comments/feedback etc. on the post is greatly appreciated as it helps Apollo reach new people :slight_smile:
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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/octixkb/
Discord: https://discord.gg/n5v7D3J

(In Alphabetical order)

  • Abec - Huge shoutout for the renders and feedback!
  • Aglir - Thanks for all the feedback :slight_smile:
  • David/CandyKeys - Gave extensive feedback and helped in all aspects of the production. Huge thanks!
  • Jude - Helped me with many aspects and refinement/feedback on the set
  • HoodrowThrillson - Thanks for answering all of my lengthy questions! Massive help
  • Everyone who gave feedback on the DailyDracc discord <3
  • 002 - Thanks for all the feedback and input on the set.
  • Anyone who I’ve forgotten!

Feel free to give me your thoughts on the kits :slight_smile:


I like what i see, nice color combination !

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I already commented on reddit, but I really love the color combo on this one. I’m in 100% This will also be the first desk mat I purchase from a keyset buy!

The only downside is that the GB is months away :frowning: (want it asap) :stuck_out_tongue:
Love it! Congrats!

Might actually bump it to February. That is if everything goes to plan :slight_smile:

I’m in. I like the colors and the makeup of the kits.