[IC] GMK Darling - Updated 5/22/19 - NEW RENDERS! - New feedback form

Hello all,

Today I’d like to introduce you to a project that I’ve been gradually working on for the past 6 months or so:

GMK Darling

Inspired by the character Zero Two from Darling in the Franxx, GMK Darling aims to bring her aesthetics straight to your keyboard. It’s taken a long while to get the colors dialed in, but they are quite close to – if not in – their final iteration now as far as I can take them with renders. Hiragana sublegends may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the use of icon mods hopefully prevents the set from becoming overcrowded.

Updated 5/22/19:
Renders by Janglad! Novelty renders coming soon™ but you can see a sneak peek of them on the HBCP render :wink:
With renders now set and ready, I’m going to start approaching vendors and working out kit pricing; I am also considering a 40% compat kit.

M60A by RAMA

Thermal by Wilbatech

Satisfaction 75 by Upas

HB-CP by Hineybush


Updated 4/29/19: 7422C is now the alpha color as opposed to 691C, which was too grey.

GMK Darling utilizes three custom colors:

RAL 3020 as the alpha text color; a vivid red reminiscent of Zero Two’s horns

Pantone 7422C; a pastel-pale pink which reflects Zero Two’s hair color, used for the alpha cap color and the legend color on the mods.

RAL 3003 as the mod cap color; a darker red similar to Zero Two’s dress uniform and darker parts of her flight suit

GMK WS1 for the white accents

Color pallete based on the colors’ hex values

Hey the sun finally came out! Here’s 7422C. Color balance/temperature for this picture is considerably better than the last one.

I do have some concern as to color matching and am unsure how GMK would handle dealing with both RAL and Pantone colors. However, the RAL light pink (3015) was simply not light enough for this project.

Potential Kit Options:

“The All-In-One Solution”

Updated 4/29/19: 7422C is now the alpha color. Still working on getting renders sorted out, but this KLE shows the updated furigana/rubi sublegends, icon nav, and the removal of numpad sublegends.
This is a base kit inspired by that of GMK Metropolis and other kits which include a numpad and ISO support in the base kit configuration. However, to reduce base kit cost, I am considering breaking the numpad and ISO kits off but don’t have any quotes yet as to price.

Novelties Updated 4/29/19:

These sizes are placeholders, but novelty art is well underway! The art and vector files for R3 Enter, one of the R1 1u caps, and the 1.25/1.5u modifiers are completed. I can’t wait to share these designs on renders with everyone as soon as the last R1 1u novelty is finished.
This kit also currently contains white accents for F1-4 and F9-12.

Novelty artwork, click arrow to show.

R1, R4 1u novelty. Other R1 1u forthcoming.

2.25u Enter key novelty. Stylized “Darling!”

1.25/1.5u R4 novelty.

Content in this expandable section below contains older renders and/or kit references which are in the process of being reworked.

Content hidden, click arrow to show.

Note: This render has not yet been updated to reflect the chance to 7422C for the alpha color. This is a base kit inspired by that of GMK Metropolis and other kits which include a numpad and ISO support in the base kit configuration. However, to reduce base kit cost, I am considering breaking the numpad and ISO kits off but don’t have any quotes yet as to price. The following kits are represented with KLE-renderer instead of KBRenders since they’re not set in stone yet and I’ve already managed to forget certain elements on KBRenders submissions multiple times out of anticipation of getting the renders themselves.

There are a couple errors in this render: shows R3 Ctrl as stepped, and the wrong legend for Caps Lock. This will not be the case for the final keyset.[/color] I’ll message KBRenders and see if I can get that fixed. These are still a bit preliminary, and more detailed and accurate renders will be made once the kits are finalized.




If you’re interested, please consider filling out this Google Form! It will help me tune kits and figure out how best to go forward with this set. ;D https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeyxYDHKx-9BDbej5n8DQiFPgofT4AVA88Zh6rfSpc4GXZBlQ/viewform?usp=sf_link

New short feedback form regarding novelties and a couple other things:

A Discord server is now available for feedback and further discussion: https://discord.gg/b5ccgDA


  • Rensuya - massive help with design and feedback
  • Hisui Hyena - novelty artwork
  • Janglad - renders
  • Garret of Dixiemech - color picking/Pantone advice
  • All those who provided design feedback and encouragement: Jae-3soteric, Pluto, Manofinterests, Quakemz, Soft, Tesletron, and many others.

Update History:
4/16/19 - IC First Posted
4/16/19 - 2.5u spacebar delet (as far as I know GMK doesn’t make those, oops)
4/29/19 - Changed main alpha color to 7422C, updated KLE for main kit, added novelty art preview to original post, added enter key to novelties
4/29/19 - Discord added
5/06/19 - New reference photo for 7422C
5/22/19 - RENDERS! Novelties forthcoming, added thanks section.


fuck yea im in


Looking good!

Such a pretty keyset! The colors remind me of SA Sunday Morning

love the colors! just think the set would work really well with ws1 alphas as well.


Yeah I love the alpha colour, I’m in!

I throw money at the screen, but nothing happens. :frowning:

Hey everyone, small incremental update here. Bigger updates to the main thread to come soon.

Artwork for novelties is well on the way to completion, the 1.5/1.25u, Enter, and one of the two styles of 1u R1 novelties are done.
I also received the Pantone chips for 7422C and 691C on Friday. Going forward I’ll be sticking with 7422C and will update the rest of the IC tomorrow to reflect this. 691C is close but is a bit too grey. Also, I might bring the color of the mods up a shade or two but I’ll determine that once I have daylight to work with.

If anyone has suggestions for services which can render the corrected hiragana legends please feel free to suggest them.

Here’s an image of the chips side by side under ~5500K lighting. I did what I could to adjust the whitepoint in GIMP, but I’ll take some better pictures tomorrow in the light of day. Picture was taken with a Galaxy Note 8. The 691C chip is a bit darker than this image suggests.

Cuwute set!

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IC has been updated with new color info and a few other things including novelty artwork previews

Looks awesome

Those colours have some massive uwu vibes, pretty stoked! The pantones look s o f t

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Rather significant update today:

  • New renders by Janglad!
  • Sneak preview of novelties in the HB-CP render
  • Considering the addition of a 40% compat kit
  • Now that I have renders, I’m going to be approaching vendors. Ideally, aiming for Q4 2019 or Q1 2020

Also, I’ve put together another, much shorter form regarding novelties and a couple other things; please fill it out if you’re interested!

I’m actually really happy to hear that’s it’s going to be Q4 2019 or Q1 2020; I want this set and there’s so many coming out that my wallet is trembling in fear.

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I will buy ALL Keys!Looking forward to your update~