[IC] GMK Gilded (SETS FINALISED & Extra Renders)

Introducing GMK Gilded.

A royal purple and gold set inspired by the richly coloured fabrics and expensive trimming of Persian rugs and Medieval tapestries. This set is timeless with it’s high contrast, purple on white alphas and warm purple mods with golden yellow legends that look like little flecks of gold leaf.

To guarantee a reliable end product I have chosen to use RAL colours – easily producible by GMK.

I intend to release GMK Gilded with a base kit that supports a TKL, a numpad kit, a spacebar kit and a novelty kit.

All feedback is appreciated — I look forward to hearing what you would add, remove or change.
Feel free to pm me or message me on discord gMit#1955

As mentioned above I have chosen to go with RAL colours as they are known to be easily producible by GMK.

Alpha cap colour is GMK WS1 with RAL 4007 legends
Mod cap colour is RAL 4007 with RAL 1021 legends
Accent cap colour is RAL 1021 with RAL 4007 legends

If you’re interested please consider filling out the Google form. It would help me get an understanding of community feedback!

These are just a starting point to gather feedback and may change.

Kits have been finalised. Based on community feedback I have moved the ISO keys to the numpad kit in an attempt to keep the base kit cost effective and help meet MoQ for numpad/ISO users.




TGR Jane by pngu

M60a by pngu

There was a lot of requests for deskmats on the google form so here are a few ideas. I appreciate any feedback you may have and want to hear your thoughts.

Special Thanks
Design feedback and novelties: GH:dchessari/Watashi Would #4835
Renders: pngu

[05/05/19] Extra renders added
[04/05/19] Finalised set renders added
[02/05/19] Deskmat options added
[02/05/19] Extra novelties added
[30/04/19] I have changed the name of the set to GMK Gilded, slight oversight on my part.

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the mods are like phantom?

The colour is different, this is using a RAL.
Ive read the feedback that Phantom colour wasn’t as expected so I chose to go with RAL as it’s know GMK can colour match it well

kk, ty

The kits have been finalised based on community feedback.
ISO caps have been moved to Numpad kit in order to a) keep the base kit price down and b) help meet MoQ for numpad kit.

man GMK Phantom on White looks great /s

A nice Tyrian Purple. Neat

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Personally I’m a little on the fence about this colorway just because I’m not a huge fan of purple. Although I do gotta say I think this will be a decent hit with the community & the set does have a certain flair to it! :+1:

Thank you for all your feedback so far.

I have added extra renders for your viewing pleasure.

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If you are interested in this set and haven’t already done so, please complete the IC form so i can gauge interest