[IC]GMK Glow

Hi everyone,

after long time reading here and buying many kits - i wanted to give keyset design a try.

The first idea for this keyset came to my mind when I was searching my little daughters pacifier at night…crawling on the floor … finally happy that it glows in the dark… yet still under her bed …

Then I did some inquiries and came up with an idea. I really hope you like it.

Let me introduce GMK Glow - a Glow in the Dark doubleshot ABS keyset.


To gather the interest in this Kit - please fill out this form

But now about the set: As this is in early stage and is my first keyset, kit design is quite preliminary and I’m open to all ideas and suggestions.
I’m aware that the alphas are not alligned the normal place in the upper left, will fix that in the next revision of the kit.

Base Kit: The base kit is a mix of light Glow Alphas with Black Legends and Black Modifiers with Bright Glow Legends.

Standard layouts from 60% - 100% should be covered.

Black Out Alphas: Black Set of alphas with bright Glow Legends to make a complete Black design with Glow legends - perfect with Grey or Black cases or people who just like a dark setting.

Novelty Kit: Depending on IC feedback there will be Noveltys in the Base Kit or as a seperate kit. As I’m working in the Lab and deal with this every day, the Theme will be safety and warning signs (you can look up ISO 7010 WIKI ). The extent of Noveltys depends on your feedback.


Glow Accent Kit: As the Black and White(Bright Glow) combination is very versatile with colors. I wanted to offer some colored modifiers with glow legends -> Colorful by day - Glow at night.

Disclaimer: I had contact with Uniqey about the possibility of processing Glow in the Dark ABS plastic and got positive feedback.

But as of now - no Keycap with this material has been produced.

A novelty of Rensuya’s GMK Mizu Kit will be the first Glow in the Dark keycap made by Uniqey.

So I have no final color codes for the caps in daylight and “glowing” at night.
For the first Mock Ups I used GMK WS1 (daylight) and GMK AE (glow in darkness) as the caps should be whitish by day and greenish by night.

So pictures are likely to change a bit when Mizu is finished.

Can we split Numpad: No
Can we have XY Support / Kit: Please let me know in the Google Form or in the Thread. I will clarify with vendors if there is a chance to offer certain kits / coverage.

More to come if there is interest


EU: Candykeys
US: tba
Asia: tba
Oceania: tba

ETA: Hope this sparks any interest - so lets see

So i’m really looking forward to comments and feedback

Last but not least - Thanks to people helping a newbie in the field:

David from Candykeys - thanks for all your help, input and support
Rensuya - thanks for the initial feedback and information about the gitd keycaps
KLE and KLE-renderer - to give unexperience people a possibility to start designing


Heads up that the glow legends on dark base most likely aren’t going to turn out well. This was an issue with DSA Borealis and is the reason SA Glow was supposed to be dyesub on glow plastic vs doubleshot in order to maximize the available glow material. Even dark legends on glow plastic are likely to lessen the effect because of the inner “core” of dark plastic being a substantial part of the cap, you can see this on the GMK Laser translucent novelty keys how much of the legend covers the inside of the cap reducing available outer material.


Thanks for the reply

Yeah, i think samples for both options GoB and BoG are necessary beforehand when Uniqey wants to give this a try after Mizu is produced.

I’m totes into it!

what ever happened to sa glow?

Just stopped hearing back from emenelopee and nothing’s happened since.