[IC] GMK Grand Prix - GB October 2020!

Hello Keebtalk!

This keyset was inspired by Tech3 early 2000s colorway. A 250cc class motorcycle racing team. Olivier Jacques, and Shinya Nakano rode for them that year and they had a fantastic season, culminating with Olivier being crowned the World Champion in 2000. As a motogp fan, I have long wanted to make a set based on this theme.

The colors are based off the team livery that season, primarily cold grey and acid green with orange accents. Acid green is for Olivier Jacques and orange is for Shinya Nakano. I hope other fans of motor sports will enjoy this keyset as much as I have creating it.

Olivier Jacques: https://i.imgur.com/i3gk5oz.jpg
Shinya Nakano: https://i.imgur.com/UK5C16g.jpg

Group Buy October 2020


Base kit

Addon kit

Space kit

Novelties kit by Biip

125cc kit aka 40 kit

Renders (made by Janglad)

Rama Caps


Accent : RAL 110 80 70
Alphas : RAL 280 80 10
Mods : RAL 270 30 15
Orange accent : RAL 2005


NA : Novelkeys
EU : Candykeys
AU : Dailyclack
Asia : zFrontier iLumkb

Special thanks to biip, janglad and yanfali for all the help of this project!

Let me know your feedbacks

12.19.19 : Changing name to GMK Grand Prix. Novelties update. Biip will design them
12.20.19 : Addition of colours. Addition of 40 kit placeholder. Added numpad enter key to addon kit. Added render accent
12.22.19 : Added vendors. Added 2 renders.
15.01.19 : Addition of 40 kit. New version of BaseKit
04.02.20 : Addition of Novelty kit. Fix 40 kit. Minor Basekit / addon kit update
05.12.20 : Fix base kit. Add B in space kit
05.13.20 : Fix 40 and space kit




Any novelties?? You can make some insane novelties for this set. Like some gird / pit / track terminology replacing some common legends. Looking forward to seeing this kits evolution. Looks good, but needs the track side flare that would define the kit. Colorway is great.

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While some racing themed novelties would put the cherry on top so to say, I really like the colorway themed or not! Definitely have my interest!

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Ooh. This reminds me of GMK Yuri, but I actually like it. I’m quite interested!

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IWould be nice to see a render with the ascents installed.

What inspired the GMK Yuri color scheme?

I t looks like the colors would be more oriented towards Yaoi…

Yuri as in Yuri Gargarin, not Japanese… My namesake.

:open_mouth: :sweat_smile: :joy: :rofl:

Well we know where my mind is when I see the word yuri. lol

Couple of Updates!
Added colors, 40kit to be coming and also render with orange accents :slight_smile:

Hello everyone :slight_smile:
Quick update with vendors and 2 more renders

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Hello everyone!

Addition of 40Kit and redone the renders of the base kit with one line legends for Num Lock, Page Up and so on.

Thanks Pwade3 for the suggestion

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Hello all!

Group buy will run on October 2020!

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Wow it looks like you have everything ready so far ahead

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He’s missing awesome novelties!

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Here it is! Novelties updated in the first post!
Thanks BIIP for it!

Also 40kit fix done. (thanks Abec13)

Minor update on the Base kit regarding PgDn PgUp.
Minor addition in the addon kit

Note that the keyboard renders are not up to date with One line legends.

Hope you like it!


I like these novelties :eyes:. Definitely thematic in a nice direction


Hello all,

Just minor update on the base kit, Delete the colored R1 |\ and added a B for alice users in the space kit.

@Zekth I was curious after looking at the updated renders, since you graciously added support for many layouts in the space kit with space bars all the way down to 1.25u, would you consider adding the convex 1u space bar to complete the alice support? I personally use, and know many others use, a 2.25u, 1u setup on the left side rather than the 2u, 1.25u that is also supported on the alice layout. Otherwise we would be forced to buy the forties kit for that one key. The set is beautiful, and I’m looking forward to the GB later this year.