[IC] GMK Maestro - Piano/Classical Music Theme Keyset

Hi, all! I present you IC for GMK Maestro, inspired by my love for vintage classic/grand piano and classical music, primarily composed by all-time famous maestros such as J.S. Bach.


GMK’s WS4 and CR (stock colors) are the primary colors for this set. Accent color will be RAL Ochre Yellow to resemble gold.

Kits (Will change on the course of IC period)

Deskmat Design #1
I will have total of 2 deskmat designs. One is still WIP by the artist I commissioned. Expect the reveal of 2nd deskmat by week two of October 2020.

Vendors, Pricings & Expected GB Date
I personally project the GB start as early as Week 4 of December 2020 the earliest, but it will be fixed upon consulting with the lead vendor of this project.

Pricings: TBA


  • ConUS: N/A
  • Canada: Deskhero
  • EU: N/A
  • China & Rest of Asia: zFrontier
  • South East Asia: iLumKB
  • Oceania: DailyClack

Other Collaborations

ZeusCables will be making custom cable for Maestro. Pics coming soon.

Artisan Collaborations

I have contacted two reputable artisan makers (RAMA & Latrialum) so far. Will announce the outcomes once GB date is set.

IC Form

Kindly fill the interest check form here if you’re interested on this set:

Special thanks

Prior to this IC launch I have been helped here and there with kittings, suggestions, and feedbacks from this community, especially: konstantin (for his knowledge of kittings), Jeff/Langelandia (for his support when I checked upon ‘similarity’ opinions to his design GMK Café), ttom (designer of GMK Deep Navy) for his interest and his valuable advice on the kits and more, finally Keycaps Designer’s Discord for being amazing throughout the idea-building until the IC is ready to be launched.

More Renders!


This is BEAUTIFUL, ray! Good work.

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Look at those clean colours and renders! hypeeee

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I love the look and theme. My two cents: WS4 doesn’t look as ivory to me IRL. It looks more off-white. It’s a nice color, for sure. I own Camping and Violet & Cream. However, the ivory in GMK Led Zep would be spot on. Of course, that was a custom color.

Source: own them both. :slight_smile:


I really like the look of this, and the compatability is great

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Thank you, @pixelpusher. I’ll stick to the GMK stock colors for now.

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Great set ! Can we have a 6u spacebar also in the spacebars kit ?

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These gorgeous GMK sets need to slow down! /s

I had to cut myself off when I realized I’m already in three GMK group buys. <_<


Hopefully, yes! It will be on ‘Obscure’ kit if I decided to include 6u bars (centered and non-centered)

IC responses up until now:

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Cool graphic. Although I was a bit confused as to what a quaver is. Who knew? I have a master’s of Music performance degreee and have taught music at 2 different Universites for 15 years. Never heard of an eighth note called a quaver :slight_smile: Other side of the pond things…

I’m more excited by this set as it progresses. Nice work.

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