[IC] GMK Matcha Mocha | final kitting revealed!

GMK Matcha Mocha
a semi-minimalistic take on what could arguably be one of the most delicious and energizing desserts known to human mankind

Welcome everyone, I hope you are all having a great day!

Hereby I present you to, well you already guessed it; my first ever publicly revealed Keycap set, based on two of the best tasting awakeners, which, when combined together, make for one of the most delicious desserts you could possibly imagine (and will give you enough energy to make your day a guaranteed blast).

With this set I was trying to achieve a colourful, comforting and yet minimalistic design, which could look good and aesthetically pleasing on many different boards, regardless of their style.

Anyways, enough with the talk, let’s just get right into the real juice you all came for:


The Dessert (Base Kit)

The Weeb Add-On (Hiragana Sublegends)

The Toppings (Extensions)

As of right now, I’m only planning on running these three kits.
Please keep in mind that certain keys might still be added/removed, depending on the community’s feedback.


AKI-S by Senryo

TGR-Jane v2 by Yuktsi

TGR-Alice by Yuktsi

For the colours this set will be using Signature Plastics stock colour TGH and Pantones 7487C:

Please note that although this picture was taken with a professional camera and colour corrected with a grey card afterwards, depending on the lightning, especially the green sometimes looks a tiny little bit darker/creamier IRL.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could take a few seconds to fill out this feedback-form in order for me to improve this set even further:



UK: ProtoTypist
NA: SpaceCables
EU: MyKeyboard
Oceanic: DailyClack
Asia: iLumkb
CA: AuraMech



(If you are an Artisan or Cable maker, please feel free to contact me, if I haven’t already contacted you abt it)

Thank yous:

Thank you to Kingk22 for the mindbogglingly amazing renders and help with the kits :slight_smile:

Thank you to all the Vendors for believing in this set and helping me bring this vision to live by running it on their sites; thank you Ragan, Jae, Louis, Phatty, Fluxx, Necromanx, you all are truly amazing :slight_smile:

Thank you to Alexotos for helping/creating many of the incredible graphical assets for this project :slight_smile:

Thank you to everyone who gave their feedback during the last few weeks, especially Konstantin and Tyson for helping me rework/finalize the kits :slight_smile:

Thank you to Artkey for designing some incredible custom artisans for this set :slight_smile:

Thank you to Rensuya and Abec13 for the initial help with getting this started :slight_smile:

Thank you to Senryo for letting me use the AKI-S in the renders :slight_smile:

Thank you to Miodec for making a custom Matcha Mocha theme for the MonkeyType site :slight_smile:

Thank you to Makoto from YushaKobo, for the great feedback, and correcting my mistakes :slight_smile:

And last, but definitely not least, thank you to every single member of this awesome community that stuck with me and answered many of my stupid questions, that came up over the last few months, you guys are the best :slight_smile:

GH-thread (same as this one))


That green works pretty well!

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Thank you so much, hearing that means a lot to me :grinning::+1:

Isn’t it supposed to be a GMK set? You’re going to have to find colors close to these in whatever that Pantone like scheme gmk uses.

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Yes, I’m aware of that, and I know that it would have been better to just use RAL, or even stock GMK colours, but I unfortunately wasn’t really able to find other colours that match my creative vision for the set.

GMK would definitely be able to produce this, and although I agree that the colour matching phase will probably be quite a pain in the ass, the extra effort will, imo, definitely be worth it in the end.

Those are some very tasty looking little bonbons, there…

I’ll be a little disappointed if this doesn’t end up on one actual chocolatier’s desk.The colorway reminds me just a bit of The Chocolate Fetish in Ashville, NC - this set would look right at home behind their counter.


Great news, I am beyond happy to announce, that we just got our first Vendor secured:
MyKeyboard.eu will be hosting this set as the Official-European-Vendor, once this set moves into its GB phase!


The good news just won’t stop coming in today;
I’m incredibly happy to announce that ProtoTypist will be bringing you this set as the UK-and possibly even Lead-Vendor!
I can’t even express my feelings in words right now, thank you Jae, you are above amazing :grinning::+1:


We just added an update channel on the ProtoTypist Discord server.
Anyone, please feel free to join for quick updates, bts info and even just some casual/fun conversations about the set :nerd_face:


Again, we got some great news today;
iLumkb will be hosting this set as the official vendor for the Asian region!
Thank you Louis for believing in this set :grinning::+1:


Hello, I just received a confirmation that we will in fact have an Artkey Artisan collaboration for Matcha Mocha!
I’m super stoked about theses news, and will share any further information as soon as it’s ready :+1:


I’ve got some great news today;
Space Cables will be running this set as the official US-Vendor!
This is a huge milestone for this set, and will help bring up the quality immensely!

Thank you Ragan, and the whole team, I can’t even express how much this means to me :grinning::+1:


AuraMech just confirmed that they will indeed be hosting Matcha Mocha as the official Canadian-Vendor :grinning:


I’m happy to announce today, that with the confirmation of DailyClack, as the official Oceanic-Vendor, we finally got all the vendors for GMK Matcha Mocha secured!
Thanks again, to every single vendor, who will help bring this set to life,you guys are truly amazing!

Btw, you guys can expect some great updates coming up during the next few days😁


Hello everyone, I’m incredibly happy to be able present you with the final kitting update today (no major changes though):

The Dessert (Base Kit):
-replaced the r3 “pipe” key with r3 “~#” key
-fixed/converted “blank” 1u key in numpad into a 1u “+” key
-changed OS keys from “code” to “super”
-added r3 “PgUp”
-added r4 “PgDn”
-changed r4 “|” to “<>”
-removed second 1u “ctrl”

The Weeb Add-On (Hiragana Sublegends):
-added top right “ー” to the “-_ほ” key