[IC] GMK Nightlight!

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Welcome to my IC!
Taking inspiration from my previous set and recreating it into Cherry Profile for a set that captures the silent, still, and overwhelmingly beautiful essence of moonlit Southern midnights. Its soft, desaturated blue glow translated perfectly to keycaps.


Base Kit:

A kit that provides compatibility for the most common to some of the more obscure layouts. Included but not limited to a compatibility of 3 key 40’s support, thorough coverage for 60’s and also coverage for 65%, 75%, TKL, 1800, and full-size boards.


A novelties kit that can cover the macro column of a 65% and also the first row of a Nav Cluster on a TKL.


Bars that cover Alice, HHKB, 7u layouts, and accent colors.

Board Renders

TGR Jane by Yuktsi

TGR 910 by Yuktsi

G1800 by sGhost

Vendors + Pricing

Looking for em :wink:


A quick comparison to some other popular sets and similar color ways. Also compared to the original SA Nightlight, these colors have been overhauled to more clear colors!

To Do + Collabs

Refine Kits Based on Feedback
Maybe a Deskmat? (Not sure if I want to)
Cable Collab
More Renders

Signature and Thanks


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[size=8pt]Mandatory Disclaimer: These renders are in no way an accurate guarantee of the physical representation of the final product and some changes may be present when comparing the physical product to these renders [/size]
Lastly of course the thanks,
Thanks to these people but not limited to:
Swishy, Rayhdalio, SpikedSynapse, sGhost, Oggi, Illusion, Skok, Halo, Pokeballer21, Kumwori, and everyone else that helped me.
Thanks for reading.

If you could fill this out that’d be lovely~!
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