[IC] GMK Nines (Coming in April!)


Not really a fan of the accents


I would love the accents!


Love the accents.


I decided to add 4 accent keys, it won’t raise the price by much and seems to be loved by a majority. In addition, proxies are confirmed! :slight_smile:

KBDFans for asia and internationals, mykeyboard for europeans and kono.store for the US.

Thank you everyone!


Psyched that it’ll go through Kono.store. Feel like I’m buying something from there every other month anyway


ANSI/ISO Enters, Esc and… Which other accent?


Num enter, too! :slight_smile:


Added new Basekit render, and 2 accented TGR Jane v2 renders!


Set is set to launch in April!


congrats. can’t wait


Mmmm. This’ll be beautiful on a gunmetal case.


I noticed I only had renders on dark boards, so here’s what it might look like on silver boards!

Jane v2