[IC] GMK Phosphorous (added packaging design draft)



Will there plans to make a separate kit for those dots from tthe core kit? :grin: Those looks cool to play around with combining to gmk dots.


Unlikely at this point. Their size should be different from GMK Dots from what I understand - mine will be smaller in diameter.


… sorry for the Mrs.




I went through all the custom suggestions you guys left in the feedback form (finally!), and here they are as of 20:00 on 13 June 2019:

A very specific request and I’m reluctant to do this, so as not to increase the price further.

I want it out next week. 2 months tops. Need it for my keyboard!!! Not going to happen unless the whole project is drenched in magical unicorn tears. In all seriousness: waiting for info from GMK at the moment. We’ll know more when we get that. :slight_smile:

maybe sell 60% as a 60% kit, tkl as tkl kit kinda thing?

add a 60% option

ANSI 60%

A 40s kit with Alphas :frowning:

4x12 nordic ortho layout[/quote]

Those kits would be pretty expensive and very limited.

I would love to cover everyone’s needs but I doubt this would hit MOQ. If there are more Colemak users out there and you are 100% sure (200% sure!) that you’ll buy a Colemak kit, please leave a comment.

Prefer Numpad to be in Core Kit.

Numpad should be part of the base kit.

The vast majority voted against this. Sorry. :frowning:

I can do this (I think it won’t be too late). Does the majority prefer Alt Graph over Alt Gr?

Believe me, I’m trying!

Only think I could suggest is strictly a stretch goal of a ergodox/boardwalk kit. Big stretch. Already very happy with the progress of this kit!


Two votes for Ergo for the gentlemen in the white shirts! Will anyone raise the bid to 50?

Added 2x 1.5u Code. I had them originally but they got lost in translation.

I wanted to restrict this kit to two colours only. I will consider artisans — please contact me if you’d like to collab.

The majority voted to leave the accent Spacebar in the Spacebars Kit.

A very specific request and I’m reluctant to do this, so as not to increase the price further.

All the planned novelties are included in the Core kit (dots and P key). I wanted to retain some sort of minimalism.

More icon modifiers

icons and text modifiers if possible please :slight_smile:

I wanted to but the majority voted against this. :frowning:

Theoretically possible. I will consider this. Any votes for or against?

LOL? :slight_smile:

On it! No, seriously. Working on something cool.

I’d like to personally thank all of you for the encouraging words you guys sent my way. I’m mentally at the stage where I don’t believe this set will ever reach MOQ and having nightmares about it. Reading those comments lifted my spirits up. :slight_smile:


Working on some packaging designs. A few first drafts…


Slowly working on the packaging… it’s starting to take shape.

The thinner bars are the sides, the larger area on the top is the top part, and the bottom one is the underside. This is still a draft.