[IC] GMK Shoko

Ah, I think you might be right.

Any updates Shoko_Aoi?

Well we got one small one, we got set renders finally:

Also added a 1.5u FN key since I want to throw that into the new board I got.


looking good! Think this is one the few sets that’d look great on all the new upcoming acryllic/pc boards

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looks dope man. Real good work.

Yes please! I’m happy to see how this is progressing :smiley:

looks so good. and really glad to see ISO in base. @egla @kwerdenker and I are happy chappies :slight_smile:

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Have you considered adding an accent colored spacebar kit? Personally, I would buy one lol

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Honestly haven’t thought about that actually.
I may add a spacebar kit (it will be like GMK Camping with the accent ones and the split ones) or just include the accent ones in the icons mod kit. Though that entirely depends on the costs of both sets.

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Sounds good, can’t wait!

The colors looks so nice

This looks dope, I’m really liking the “faded” color scheme.

Any news on the accent colored spacebar kit?

GMK took a while to get me back with a quote for the base kit and icons (btw pricing info, vendors, etc should be available soon). I sent them a request for the spacebar kit and I will assume that will go by quicker.-


Nice, thanks!

Thanks for the updates I’m looking forward to this

I do really like the colours but I’d prefer the icon mods to be part of the base kit. Also waiting to see what vendors you’d go through (an EU proxy would be great).

Welp, a few minor updates and this is most likely going to be the final update before the group buy actually starts (P.S. New renders on the first page):
I added an icon tab key since I forgot about it in the first Icon Mods render:

I also did get a spacebar render, I am most likely going to have it as an option for a kit to buy:

For vendors, Kono is already confirmed for sure for NA. ZFrontier is most likely going to be the Asian proxy (talked to them briefly a while back about it). Europe I still need to talk to Mykeyboard for the EU proxy who I hope to be the one to be the proxy for EU. Also if there’s any other region that would want a proxy, then post here or Geekhack.

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I’m a fan. Will hopefully get it on this.

Clean unique design. Budget permitting Ill be in (y)