[IC] GMK Ursa | Month of Artisans - Deskmats | Dropping November 19th!

In my experience bare GMK ABS doesn’t really attract that much dirt and whatnot, even some of the lighter colors. At least not as much as either PBT or a GMK set covered with clear coat, which does seem to attract dirt over time noticeably.

Will shine. It’s an inevitability that just takes longer for some than others to occur. I’m unfortunately particularly bad about shining GMK and can get some mirror spots on a spacebar in just a few months, part of the reason I’m starting to move away from GMK.

Hi guys,
To coincide with our new site launch, we will be giving away a RAMA WORKS SWITCHPULLER XO to the first 20 people to order a base kit via Switchkeys. :kissing_heart:

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Thats really cool. :ok_hand:

I don’t know if gmk has been around long enough for peeps to start noticing but yes, if it’s abs, I believe it yellows over time. I’m talking about over a decade. Shine occurs, much sooner.

Hi Everyone!

It’s been a while since my last update, but I’m pleased to announce some exciting kit changes! Firstly, with your feedback, I changed the white from WS1 to CP, this provides a calmer feeling that better synergizes with the mood of the set. Next, I added three new novelties to the base kit, say hello to the bee, deer, and salmon! Finally, I moved ISO out of the base kit to properly support UK National Layout and introduced and brand new novelty, based on a famous British bear! ISO users, I’d love to hear your feedback on Paddington, I want to make sure Ursa is fit for everyone.

Till next time,

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The loss of the 1u birds or any 1.5u novelties is a little disappointing

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I can definitely see the loss of the 1u bird as disappointing, but IMO doubling it as 1.25u does it more justice. The deer is the new 1.5u, designed to fit the key without the large amounts of whitespace of the old 1.5s.

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Hello KeebTalk!

I’m delighted to announce that GMK Ursa is dropping this November 19th and will run-up to the Holiday season. In the coming weeks, I’ll be revealing the desk mats, announcing the Artisans and more!


Glad to hear its still a while. I want a set for sure and this gives me the time to save up a bit

Good (East Coast) Evening KeebTalk!

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be announcing a new artisan for Ursa each Monday!

First up is the fantastic C.Y.O Artisans with his AmBEARssador!

Its white first design means it will look at home with your set no matter where on the board it is or what your alpha/mod setup is!

Make sure to stay tuned throughout the month to see the phenomenal lineup!

A quick teaser: There’s more than one international maker in the lineup.

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Really nice work - some of the nicest noveltys seen in a kit forva long time

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Hey KeebTalk,

It’s Monday! Which means it is time for another artisan update, and I’m really excited about this one.

Straight from Korea, in collaboration with Object.Garage, I present the Ursa Resin Cap.

Note: Colors are most accurate in the first photo


Nice! I have a few of object garage’s caps from the first few rounds he sold through mountainblocks and it looks like he has made some improvements. That sample cap looks fantastic!

Quick question though, how are the artisans going to be sold? Through the makers’ normal channels around the same time the GB starts?

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TBD on Object.Garage, I’m still working with them to figure out how we will sell the cap.

For all other artisans expect the usual channels


It’s cool to see my man Object Garage getting involved with this beautiful set. :+1:

Good Monday Morning, KeebTalk!

I know they aren’t technically artisan’s, but I’m proud to present the Ursa deskmat collection!

I’m looking forward to receiving your feedback, and as always, thank you for following the project!


Really love Vista

ill be getting the vista mat for sure

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I like the deskmats but I think you should try to figure out to incorporate the green accent color as well. Somehow I feel that the three colors should be represented on the mats as well.

Perhaps color a single tree? a single pollen? Or is “ursa” going to be printed in a bottom corner in green?