[IC] Grand Tour

Hello, I’m Federico from Italy. Welcome to the Interest Check for Grand Tour!
Geekhack Link

PizzaKeyboard (Out soon). Render by Raz

Design and inspiration

Inspired from a poster (I love it) that my best friends gave to me for my birthday a couple of years ago.

The poster itself is from NASA/JPL.

The Grand Tour is the route the Voyager 2 spacecraft took to visit all four outer planets. It’s a flight plan that’s possible every 175 years for the alignment of the outer planets of our solar system.

My friend Alessandro Maranta worked on the novelties design and he made a great job.


There may be changes on the kits (still WIP) based on interest and/or manufacturer.





Not decided yet, it could be PBT dye-sub or doubleshot abs. Let me know what you prefer in the form!

IC Form



Many thanks to the following for your help and support during the design of this set:

  • Alessandro Maranta for the novelties drawing

  • Raz for the help with blender and for the first render in the page.

  • Kerasan for his support and ideas

  • Click Clack Club group on telegram for the feedback[/size]

Next Steps

  • Add more renders

  • Get feedback

  • Adjust kits

  • Maybe an artisan and/or a deskmat


A novelties iso-enter with a rocket lift-off. :thinking:


Is this not just gmk froyo with the colors moved around and different novelties? Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice looking and the novelties are cool, but just seems like a retread of an already done set.

NOR/DE support would be great

Conceptually, it’s good, but to make itself distinct from froyo it needs those rich poster colors to pop. Colored base colors for mods would do that, and maybe icon mods as standard.

This would need to be run as GMK then, but if enough work is put in to make it desirable I think it’d garner more than a niche interest.

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