[IC] HoneyBoard 60% Aluminum Case with custom plate

Hey guys! We’re really close to finishing our Honeyboard prototype!
This is a 60% aluminum sandwich mount case with an optional brass plate option.
Inside we have a honeycomb pattern with lightning pockets. We are planning to anodize then buff the outside to mirror finish.

We are done machining today and will be assembling tomorrow - stay tuned for some final pictures!

update we are done our prototype and we are pretty happy with the results!
We will be reducing the gap on the left side in our production run.
I will be uploading sound check to youtube pretty soon. and thanks to @TopClack for noting our lid radius issues!

Render :


what is the desired effect of the honeycombs?

We were originally to going use them as weight pockets, but now its just to make the case lighter and I think it looks pretty.

I like that unpolished look in picture 4, too.