[IC] Hoodie Collab with Artisan Keycap Maker tinymakesthings

Hello everyone! Here’s the first of the interest check posts I promised.

We have great success with the official Mizu Hoodie and T-shirt (thanks to Rensuya). We have some other projects going on, I will announce them when I can (with the permission of the parties involved).

Today I have a question for you, we have a design collab with Tiny, but we thought it’s best to let the community decide, so please let us know in the poll below, do you like the bigger or the smaller keycap on the hoodie. This design is not based on any particular keycap set or board, so the colors are freestyle (thanks to Tiny).

  • Big is better
  • I like the small one

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Who is Keeb Nerd?

Being a peripheral geek, also being in and out of projects within the custom apparel market for some time, I saw that nobody was catering to the apparel needs of the MK community, so Keeb Nerd was born.

We have some designs inspired by popular keycap designs, also we are constantly working with designers from the community to create new and original clothing.

I will make some other IC posts to see interest in one or a few keycap designs.

Also, all designers from the community, please feel free to reach out and discuss any ideas you might have. I will do the heavy lifting, that’s a promise :grin:

Any and all comments and questions are welcome!

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It looks a lot like a teddy fresh color block hoodie

Well, the colors look similar, but that’s about it. But then again we used pastel colors as Tiny requested. Maybe she got the inspiration from the said hoodie. :blush: