[IC] KAM Bouquet

Hi guys! Designed my own keyset as a birthday gift to myself. Haha. I crammed this to launch it for IC on my birth month (February). I can finally take a break.

Visit adobaulabs.com for the details on it :slight_smile:



Nice website


Oooo I love the eucalyptus alphas :star_struck:

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Is that QAZ support? Holy crap that’s awesome. GLWIC!


Like others said, great looking website and great looking set. I like the colors. Never tried KAM before. That green is a really nice color, I always struggle to picture green on a board though.


Wow that green. Been hunting for something like that.

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Maybe that’s answered somewhere, but if you’re thinking of going with the matte finish, I feel you should reconsider. I imagine glossy would look real good.

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Love the website layout and the Eucalyptus set!
What made you choose KAM profiles? I haven’t tried them yet, but I do like DSA’s.


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Thanks guys!

Hi Firewire! I chose KAM cause I wanted a uniform profile like DSA! And with the KAM/KAT being manufactured by Keyreative, MOQs are based on the unit keycaps sold, unlike with GMK MOQ where it is based on the base kits sold. It’s why there’s so much room for modularity and having a bajillion kits. But we’re really gonna refine the kits further, we just wanted to have a feel what the general audience can tolerate :slight_smile:


Hi guys! Happy Easter :slight_smile:

Made an update to my keyset, KAM Bouquet. I added novelties!

You can visit https://adobaulabs.com for all the details on the set :slight_smile:


Quick Update :sparkling_heart:

Hi everyone! We now have vendors for KAM Bouquet!
USA: http://vala.supply
CANADA: http://alphakeys.ca/
EUROPE: http://mykeyboard.eu/
ASIA: http://zfrontier.com/
SEA: http://zionstudios.ph/
OCEANIA: http://dailyclack.com

Do you have a group buy date penciled in already?

Still haven’t got word from Keyreative! :frowning:

Sounds about par for the course with them… :pepehands:


HAHAHAHAHAHA I couldn’t agree more!!!

Another quick update, we have a UK vendor! A ton of folks from the UK requested it. I had no idea how much of a hassle (and expensive) it is to buy from outside the UK now, I’m happy Protozoa Studios accommodated my set. :sparkling_heart:

List of vendors:
USA: http://vala.supply
CANADA: http://alphakeys.ca
UK: https://protozoa.studio
EUROPE: http://mykeyboard.eu
ASIA: http://zfrontier.com
SEA: http://zionstudios.ph
OCEANIA: http://dailyclack.com

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