[IC] KAT Oasis

This IC has been present on GH for quite a while but there was nothing on here so I wanted to share this with those of you that do not browse GH.

Basic Idea

Cradle of life lost in a see of sand, Oasis are key to surviving in the desert and are at the source of Myth and legends. Whether you’re hunting for Zerzura or just willing to make a stop in your quest for the endgame board, this keyset is for you!


A word on the profile

All of you should be more or less familiar now with this profile, but for those that are not, here are a couple of things you can check/read:

If you don’t want to go and read, know this: it’s higher than GMK, looks like SA but is shorter than SA (so, all the pros without the cons) :smiley:

Here are the colors that we will use:

↡ kit \ key ↠ Base Legend
Alpha Pantone 155 C Pantone 7617 C
Modifiers Pantone 317 C Pantone 7617 C
Liha* Pantone 7617 C Pantone 155 C

* Liha means bark in arabic. I saw this more fitted than the “coffee” name I had for the brown kit in the past. The blue kits will be called “Oasis -x”

Alex from zFrontier told me samples were being produced and I would be able to show them to you by the end of the month as they are moving forward with the colors now. The brown will be achieved via pigments and dyes. I will keep you guys updated when the samples come in!


Here is what you came for, brace yourself, there are a lot of kits!

One last thing before I show the kits, I know I have A LOT of kits but hear me out: there is no MOQ per kit. The only MOQ is 24000 U (each kit being worth a different number of “U”), as long as this MOQ is met, all kits WILL be produced. Biip had MOQs on some of his kits because molds had to be created, but again, this is not the case here :slight_smile:


Japanese is so 2018, plus Arabian alphas were way more in the theme of the set. You prefer Latin alphas? I’ve got that too! You want blanks to annoy colleagues or to match your ergo set? You’re good to go too!

Whether you use a common layout, a 7u bottom row, a split BS, I got you covered! You just have to decide if you want to go blue or brown!

/!\ Please note that I will be adding a backslash and a tilde key of the modifiers color in the kits for those that want a fully symetrical experience :slight_smile: /!\

No keyset is complete without its novelties, I hope you like them as much as I do :smiley:

They didn’t invent mathematics, but they invented the next best thing: Arabic numerals! You have a numpad or a 1800 board? This is the way to go!

Going for some weird 40% with a bigger spacebar, looking to get a full brown look, the spacebar kits are a nice finishing touch.

These keys are there to complement the vivid blue color of the Oasis modifiers kit for those that want to.

NE ISO Available? UK ISO without any other bells and whistles, this is for the pragmatic out there!

Spanish and other international people rejoice, you’re going to like this one!

/!\ Debating whether or not it’s worth adding compatibility for PT-pt and Spanish from america latina - if you want it, please leave a comment :slight_smile: /!\

French Kit
Omelette du fromage is more than just a sentence, it’s a lifestyle - Embrace it!

No IC is complete without someone asking for Colevrak - here is my answer:

You use a mac, it’s ok, I don’t judge, here is for you <2

/!\ Debating whether I want to go for icons on this kit or go back to “CMD” to harmonize it with the rest of the modifiers.

You like to move with your board, you love to have as much place as possible on your desk and want to use a small form factor, the 40s kit is there for you!

You’re one of those crazy people with a board on which I would never be able to type? here is for you


Last but not least, a blank kit for the ergo users out there


Artisans always were important to me and that will be reflected in this keyset’s collaboration as well:

  • Artkey - The royal delegation will leave Eruvell to venture into the desert, searching for the wealth hidden near the Oasis. Artkey will be producing 5 complete medieval sets!
  • Alphakeycaps - An oasis attracts many wild animals, amongst which is the keypora. Come and get yours.
  • Suitedup Keycaps - Keyporas are not the only animals attracted by the fresh water: Snapjaws have also been seen wandering nearby! Pay close attention, Keybutos are hunting them, you don’t want them to see you.
  • Keyforge - remains of an old civilization long gone, statues in the form of dragons and lions can still be found laying around. Some say you can still find some skulls too.
  • Bad - Ducks and other strange creatures can be seen lurking around when it’s too cold in their regions. Badchad will introduce them to you and who knows? You might even adopt one to take home (be warned, don’t feed them after midnight)
  • Coz - Nothing is set in stone but we are looking into making a NoEsc4pe to match Oasis! Prisons over here are top notch, once you’re in, you don’t come out!
  • Hello? - Hello? might be joining the ranks of the artisan army, show him some love and make it so he has to join :smiley:
  • RAMA - RAMA had to be part of this project! They are producing a gold key with the arabian palace novelty infilled with brown enamel

Vendors - GB

GB, in case everything goes smoothly, would be early Q1 2020 (February)

I am working with every vendor to have the best possible prices and to go lower than Milshake - I strongly believe this will be the case across all vendors! I’ll share all the prices as soon as they are definitive, but as I said, expect them to be lower than Milkshake.

Special thanks

  • NightyOwl for the discussions over the CW

  • Biip for reviewing the kits

  • Vendors for accepting to work with me on such short notice

  • All the artisan makers that are part of this journey!


It’s an interesting kit for sure, funny how many Arabic sets are launching. It does seem like this section of the market is crowded with GMK Sandstorm, DSA Palm Desert, etc.

It is indeed ^^ That said, this keyset has been in the making since 2018, I was just busy with GMK Monochrome when Keebtalk launched and I never got around to posting it :slight_smile:

The good thing is that all these sets have different profiles hehe

Hopefully this one is different enough in order for you to like it :slight_smile:

Quick update:

Samples had to be redone because colors wasn’t all that good, they have now been sent (yesterday) to zFrontier, I should be getting pictures during/after the chinese holidays and I’ll be able to get the samples in hand and send them to artisan makers so they can colormatch a little better! :slight_smile:

I also tweaked a couple of kits:


Added a modifiers-colored R4 tilde and R3 backslash key in the kits with labels.

I deleted a couple of useless keys of the blank modifiers kits whilst still maintaining compatibility for 65/75% and boards with split BS.


Tweaked a little bit the novelties kits:

  • added some R3 and R2 novelties for 65/75% compatibility
  • added an ISO novelty
  • deleted some R1 1.5u novelties
  • added 2 1u R1 novelties


Corrected row labels on the kit images

Artisan news:

I will be revealing the a couple of keys made by Artkey for this keyset - brace yourself, they are gorgeous!

I also wanted to announce that Coz confirmed he will be collaborating with me on Oasis. I am thrilled and will organize a giveaway open to all early birds (the ones that joined during week 1). I will keep one of each key and run a second giveaway at the end of the GB period which will include everyone :slight_smile:

Good news! Samples have arrived!

It’s night here so the picture has been taken with artificial light, but they look even better IRL :smiley: