[IC] Keramix Ceramic Wristpad - handcrafted - Made in Italy - UPDATE 22-12-2020

Hi everyone,
I’m Kerasan, a craftman by passion, I have a lab of artistic ceramics, it was founded by my grandmother in 1946, she is 94 and still makes sculptures. {an anecdote about the name: Kéra from kéramos (ceramic) and mix (by research to integrate ceramics with different materials)}.
since I approached world of mechanical keyboards in 2015-2016 I have always wanted to unify these two passions, therefore, I’m here to present - First Project.

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:yellow_square: PRESENTATION

We have a small family business near Rome and we work on commission for other small businesses and people who know us.

Our products are completely handcrafted and made in Italy (as this is our core business): we create our ceramics from Florentine and Roman compounds added with alumina and other materials to make the final product as resistant as possible regadless of the techniques we used during the making process.

Other types of materials we use for our creations are porcelain, copper, brass and we engrave on wood and glass.

:arrow_right: Why Ceramic?

the manufacturers usually work with 600 atmospheres pressing machines, they directly use powders (not clays) and create geometrically perfect objects such as tiles or plates, but the raw materials are not excellent and the coatings rather limited compared to an artistic manual production. In this case, the variations between the products are representing the uniqueness and beauty of this products, especially with some coatings or with some processing techniques - for example “pit firing”, “Copper Matt” or “Metal Glaze” to get a better idea. The art of ceramics involves working the clay directly with your hands or with casting using slip casting techniques: in both cases, modeling, sanding, decoration, painting and all existing coatings are done manually. This is our philosophy, taking nothing away from industrial production.

:yellow_square: REALIZATION

Let’s deal with the topic: the ceramic wrist pad. We’ll initially offer a single buying group divided into two lots; currently we cannot deal with larger productions, therefore both lots will be rather limited due to the time needed to produce a single piece ( every piece undergoes different phases: modeling, drying, smoothing, first firing at about 1000 degrees, decorations / engravings / paints, second firing for glazing or crystallization or other special techniques requested from the customer). All this requires a lot of attention in order to limit problems, especially the firings: often to produce 5 pieces it is necessary to do twice as many pieces because there are several drawbacks such as breaking close to 573 degrees and close to 980 degrees (the most delicate ranges); this, unfortunately, increases production costs, especially on unique or highly decorated pieces that require several hours of work.

:raised_hand: PAY ATTENTION: Ceramic is a living material, during drying and firing into the klin it undergoes a completely arbitrary volume shrinkage that oscillates between 8~12%. This makes it impossible to produce identical objects in both shape and size… Each piece is unique!

These are samples, they are not for sale but only for demonstration


Rama m60 Sage + Fuji pad (only 1 fuji sample will be choise for GB, go to the IC form and you make your choises)

CA66 dark red + fuji 2 pad (only 1 fuji sample will be choise for GB, go to the IC form and you make your choises)

Tray (this is a ceramic tray, there is the possibility to add it to the gb with sumi decorations for a perfect match with the wristpads, are you interested?) PRICE: TBA

:yellow_square: GB (sumi themed wristpads will only be available in this group buy)

:arrow_right: Round 1:
Specs Standard edition:

  • 20 units: 10 TKL, 10 60/65%
  • Materials: Ceramic/terracotta
  • Coating: Crystallization Clear Coating (Waterproof, Oleophobic, Anti-Scratch)
  • Bottom raw with logo engrave: TBA
  • Price: Small: 75 eur/ Large: 80 eur + shipping worldwide and paypal fees

Specs Limited edition Sumi theme:

  • Units: 40 (10 for artwork, choose your favorites HERE! ONLY 4 WILL BE SELECTED )
  • Materials: Ceramic
  • Hand painting
  • Coating: Crystallization Clear Coating
  • Price: 150 eur= 120 eur + shipping worldwide and paypal fees (
    we kept the declared price initially, but the artworks are much more complex and take longer, in the future the price of full prints will be 150)
  • numbered

N.B. painting on ceramic is performed with oxidizing pigments or drawing glazes, it is very complex and has limits compared to the classic painting on drawing canvas, there are people specialized in this task, as in this case, among the drawings there will always be slight variations. Each piece is unique!

Specs Crackle edition: TBA
Specs Sculpted edition: TBA

:yellow_square: TO DO LIST

  • Website (this is the first time that we go online, for this reason we dont have a website yet)
  • Logo (work in progress)
  • Improve photo (we currently havent photography equipment, same reason as the website)
  • More details and pics
  • Experiment with special glaze for amazing effect
  • Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/keramix.labs/ (here we’ll make all our annuncements)

:yellow_square: SPECIAL THANKS

  • Click Clack Club italian community mechanical keyboard for the support [/center]



Wow! These are really beautiful.


Thank you so much :blush:

This is amazing. I really want to try it, although I’m not convinced if I’ll like it or not. I love the history, story, and craft. I want to buy for that alone.

Gorgeous! I’m particularly drawn to the tree with (setting?) sun behind it. Interesting in following how this evolves.

added the mail item to the form. some people have advised me to add it

These look great. What is the target width for the 60/65% version?

HUGE UPDATE: 22/12/2020

Add Final Sample
Add Instagram
New IC Form
GB: Q1 2020 (if possible)


It’s happening! yay