[IC] Left-handed g80


Hey everyone, this is a left-handed g80-1800-style design I have been working on for a little bit and wanted to see if others would be interested in this board entering production!

Any comments, suggestions, or design tweaks are welcome!


awesome idea :slight_smile:


looks really good but I’d want a stabbed enter and plus key. I know that’s not true to the heritage but just a personal thing.


I could add that in if more people want it.


i’d probably want it too, and you could just cut in the option to the plate and pcb, that way you make everyone happy.


Alright so taking the advice I have gotten from here and on discord, I made some tweaks that I think people will like.

Let me know what you guys think about the updated layout.


I really like this. What is the sizing on the right shift?


Ah didn’t release this was an IC. Love the idea of the numpad on the left and really into the 1800 layout right now. GL!


The right shift is standard for 1800 at 1.75u


I am personally not interested in big boards like this but I do like it. Looks good so far, best of luck with the IC and hopefully GB.

Side note: I think the left handed arrows are better, but my opinion doesn’t really matter since I’m not getting one.


yeah I’d like to do the left handed arrows but the issue with that is the left shift ends up being 1.5u which from what I’ve seen almost no sets have, and I’d like for the compatibility to be easier with standard keys and not have to use a 1.5u alt key for the shift.


Cool idea! It’d be neat to see this happen.


Adore this!! But i’d prefer the left handed arrows.


i would love to do the left handed arrows if people are alright with having only one bottom row option and the 1.5u left shift. The left handed arrows from what I have done only support the one bottom row I have in the original KLE without there being a big gap in the case between the control and right arrow.


Ok since I’d like to do the left-hand arrows and it seems other people want them also. If I do left-handed arrows I run the issue of a cap size issue with the left shift and limited bottom row support, other than that though there are no issues that I can think of. So let me know what you guys think I should do.

  • Left-handed arrow keys
  • Right-handed arrow keys

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Alright I’m gonna go through with the left handed arrow keys, one it fits the name me and a friend came up with much better than right handed arrows. So in a couple of days or so I’m gonna have a new IC up on here and maybe reddit with an updated KLE and all that fancy stuff.