[IC] LV-84 Instant60 Glow Kits

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  1. Instant60 Hotswap ANSI PCB with Matte Green Retro Mask

  2. LV-84 Clear Case Design (your choice)

  3. Clear 6mm Acrylic Plate (pictured on Instagram)

  4. Custom SLA 3D Printed Clear Resin Costar 6mm Plate Adapters

  5. Costar Stabilizers

  6. 5 Degree Wedge


Ship mid to late January (I have some friends who are helping me with the store in 2020, so they’ll help keep me organized)

I do not actually have a whole bunch of these special Instant60 PCBs, so this will be a fairly limited run. I may need to get one or two for friends and definitely one for myself. If these are popular I can check on ordering more. The matte green look turned out fantastic and the LEDs glow right through it.

The Costar adapters I don’t plan on making more of, mostly I’m using up the leftovers from the Nouvelle run.

I am making another DZ60 based kit without the custom acrylic plate - it has the same type of RGB LEDs underneath so it should glow the same way and be a bit cheaper.

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Live now:

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