[IC] Nouvelle 60% Case Limited Edition

I have about 28 left out of the first 50. Ship date is September 1st. Second half of the group buy in September.

Customize several options and get exactly the case you want!


great, now you have me thinking to buy extra b/c when people start seeing these posted on reddit they’re gonna go mad for em…

I bet that lavender one would look pretty nice with Corner Creatures… which I just acquired

I went for the midnight tuxedo color to put danger zone on, I can’t wait for it

The pink case looks so good with laser!

@keyboardbelle, how are things going? Haven’t seen you on instagram in a while now. Miss those sweet nouvelle updoots

Yours should be sent in the next day or two, I should be finished up this weekend.

I sanded the white HTPLA, so if the finish isn’t something you like, we can swap to a different color once you see it in person.

Overall they came out really well, especially the wedge being attached with the foam layer.


Ooh awesome I can’t wait to get mine

Oh, nice! I’ve picked up so many sets lately, and I’m looking forward to matching them up with additional cases. Can’t wait to see what you come up with down the road.

ooh I just got a tracking number!

Potato pics, sorry. Also, I haven’t built anything with the included thick maple plate, so I’ll have to get back to you on that. This is just a HS60 with pvd brass plate and T1 switches. (HS60 compatibility confirmed I guess)

I wasn’t expecting to like the wedge installed (I didn’t realize you were going to pre-install it), but I like it a lot. Very nice typing experience.

I really like this white and the finish is fantastic.

These probably aren’t the keycaps I’ll keep on it. Trying to get a quick photo up so others can see. More later!


Okay. I got something built in it.

V2 zilents (62g). The thick maple plate is so cool @keyboardbelle! It’s laser cut wood, so it smells delicious like a campfire, which is a sweet bonus!

I did swap out the stabilizers you included with some of my own. I’ve never had luck with the ones that only bend around the switch. The coastar stablizers I use bend upward, away from the plate.

The friction fit adapters you made for the stabilizers work great. With everything lubed up, there is absolutely no sound from the stabilizers. In fact, they sound better than any GMK or Zeal stabilizer I have used. Also, costar have the added benefit of causing no extra feel to the switch at all. Sometimes cherry stabilizers can cause the switch to feel slightly heavier. I have a few boards with costar stabilizers, so this wasn’t a complete surprise to me.

The thick plate (last photo in the gallery) does change the sound of the switches. It’s a similar effect to case foam, a slight deepening and dampening to the sound. It sounds completely amazing as you might have guessed.

I actually don’t usually like zilents, but they sound so nice in this case. The slight amplification of the switches from the plastic case… man… words can’t properly convey it. You’d just have to hear. I guess you could say that it is similar to a stock Topre board like Realforce or HHKB. You can’t get that same sound from metal.

Very happy with my purchase.

I might try to get an audio recording later on.


So, here’s the zilent build sound file.

And for drastic comparison… the same recording setup but with my 1985 case featuring holy pandas.


Thanks for all the feedback! The Wedge aligns with the two partial holes inside the case, so I used a light box to help line it up since the light shines through.

I think it’ll be something unique that people can bring to meetups or use for photos - the White HTPLA required some sanding, but I think it would be ideal to make some other cases in the same material. It’s more expensive, but the surface finish after standing is great.

The Nouvelle with Zilents does have a very Topresqe sound to them! I may have to give this a try if I can get my hands on one of these case/plate combos cause I’m the same as you, just not a fan of Zilents on metall.

Do you generally sand by hand, or do you use a belt sander or similar tool? Also do you wet sand or dry sand?

I have a 1984 and a Futura and was impressed by both.

Hold up. The plate is made from wood? That’s insanely cool. I think I might have to try that; there are definitely some machining shops near me that do custom laser cutting.

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Yep. Mine is maple