[IC] Paragon - A 75% gasket-mounted keyboard with a rotary encoder | Fresh Renders

Renders Courtesy of Psuedoalpaca on KAT Space Dust (currently in IC)

Renders of the Deep Navy Paragon by Oblotzky featuring GMK Calm Depths:

More Renders Courtesy of PsuedoAlpaca with the black paragon

Quantity Update
After talking some more with Keebwerks and considering the logistics of manufacturing and QC’ing within the shorter timeframe, we’ve decided to cap the number of boards. The decision to cap the boards was not an easy one; we set out to provide a board that would be more accessible to the community than others but we also wanted to avoid overwhelming ourselves with production and QC issues. Feedback from geekhack, reddit, and other discords indicated that people were apprehensive about first time groupbuy runners running an unlimited groupbuy and we want to alleviate people’s concerns about our ability to deliver a quality keyboard in time. We’ve decided to cap the groupbuy at 450 boards for the standard colors (ewhite, deep navy, and black) while setting aside an additional 35 for a Limited Edition (possibly 2 Limited Edition SKUs) that will be announced later on.
Standard Color quantity: 450
Limited Edition quantity: 35

Hey all, the Paragon IC has been up for a while on both geekhack and reddit. For those of you who haven’t seen the IC here’s a quick rundown of the specs, features, and designs:

  1. A 75% form factor without any blockers or offset clusters to preserve a uniform bezel. Seamless design from above such that the screws are only visible from underneath the keyboard.
  2. A rotary encoder offered in both aluminum and brass.
  3. Gasket mounted with 3D printed flexible filament such that replacement is easy (gasket files will be released after the groupbuy)
  4. Support for split backspace, split spacebar, stepped capslock, ISO (offered in soldering pcb) , ANSI (offered in both soldering and hotswap), and two different mod configurations on the bottom row.
  5. Brass weight at the bottom (design is still being refined).
  6. Weighs in at 7.8 lbs


  1. We’ve decided to partner with Keebwerk. Their timeline aligns with ours in terms of prototyping over the next few months then ramping up to a groupbuy towards the end of this year and the start of 2021. They also have the capacity to get a quicker turnaround time ~3 months for a high production volume.
  2. Updates on the board’s design: We’re still reviewing the design to optimize costs while also evaluating the feasibility and pricing of foam and silicone. We’re looking to collaborate with another designer for the weight and we’ll keep you updated as to the progress of the new weight.

IC Form (Still Live): https://forms.gle/7KBCNHMop5kbuwaMA
Join our Discord here: https://discord.gg/RznZS4d
Geekhack Thread (for more design information): https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=107743.0


Been following this from GH and already did the IC. Definitely into this. Thanks for adjusting the knob!


Thanks! The knob height was one of the most requested changes along with hotswap. We just signed with keebwerk for the prototyping and manufacturing of the Paragon!

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I’ve never been into 75’s because they always looked awkward / forced / unresolved to me in terms of their layout.

Not so with this design. Not only does it look resolved and balanced, it’s beautiful.

No doubt, I really want one of these - and if it’s in my budget when the GB runs, I’m all over it.


I suddenly realized that I need a blue keeb to. :roll_eyes:
If the price is right u have to fight me for it!

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will there be an option for key instead of knob? knob is a useless gimmick imo. This looks pretty great otherwise, it’s got some U-80 vibes or something to it, in a nice way.

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This looks great. Will it be a limited qty GB?

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will there be an option for key instead of knob?

Probably not. Something we mentioned in the original IC post was how we were trying to limit the number of SKUs while supporting as many layouts as possible. A knobless option would require us to produce a separate top portion of the case. We personally like knobs as well and it was one of the focal points of our design.

Will it be a limited qty GB?

Keebwerk has made us aware of an optimal production quantity in terms of both pricing and turnaround time (~3 months). We haven’t decided the GB format but we personally dislike highly limited runs (e.g 50-200 board FCFS). The hope is to run something similar to the Think6.5v2 run which allows anyone to buy it within a limited time frame (might be just for a few hours or a day) but again this all depends on the level of interest. If the GB is limited, the quantity should be high but the availability will depend on the interest as well (IC numbers are currently a little over 1000 at the moment).

Thanks for the interest and feedback!


Yes please.

We’ve decided to cap the groupbuy due to concerns regarding manufacturing delays and qc’ing issues as detailed in the updated IC. Based on the current numbers, most people who are interested should still have a good shot at snagging a board


Thanks, we just got some more renders for the Paragon in black as well featuring KAT Space Dust (currently in IC) courtesy of Pseudoalpaca:


Did you abandon ISO? That last reddit update made it seem like u did. :thinking:

I believe that this is from the fourth line of the r/mk post in bold: ISO support will be available, but only on the solderable PCB. The hotswap PCB will NOT have ISO support.
I think the announcement/addition of a hotswap pcb without ISO is what confused a lot of people. The soldering PCB still supports all the layouts. We’ve also got more renders today in the updated post!

Ye I despise reddit…