[IC] PBT keycap compatible with the topre keyboard /update



JP KIT 100SET It may take 2 months to make the mold.

MOD KIT 100SET It may take 2 months to make the mold.

The sample images
There are still some problems with the sample. The characters need to be adjusted. We are making a new sample.When all problems are fixed, we will start group-buying.If you have a good idea, you can contact us and we can make it happen



Please also consider making standard bottom row (1.25 keys and 6.25 spacebar). So it will be compatible with the new Realforce r2 ansi.

I don’t have a 6.25U keyboard, I don’t know the 6.25 size now:joy:

I need to get this for my HHKB. Looks like another win!

Wow nice to see that KBDFans on here as well as another chance to buy 9009. I hope this set comes out the same as the Epbt set. I want to put this on my RF without having to harvest a Novatouch.

Freaking amazing!! I’m definitely in!

Really interested how it comes out. Maybe different colorways? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Whoa whoa whoa. Actual white for Topre???

Hell. Yes.

Oh man I’m really excited for this! Going to use it with my hhkb

Just wow thank you very much for adding the Jap 2!!!

Such a breakthrough set. Very excited

Topre is a boring, coservative company, and we already have all kinds of extremely boring keycap sets.

What Topre boards really need is something creative and interesting. I don’t know, maybe some kind od Star Trek theme or something else, but fresh and different.

Purple keycaps would be great too.

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A 7u Topre compatible PBT spacebar would be awesome for people who have the Realforce 86-, 101-, or 103-key models, even if they just come in white or black to match the stock sets. I know this is probably very unlikely though since all of these models have been discontinued for a while.

I believe the warm tones of 9009 don’t go that well with the white Realforce 87U. A version based on “GMK Muted” would fit that keyboard best, IMHO. Any hope for seeing Muted released in this format?

I’m super excited to have any options for Realforce boards without swapping sliders. It’s just gravy if they happen to have neat colorways.

Are there any legible replacement keycaps sets for Realforce boards? The only ones I’ve ever found are readily available HHKB sets, or the laser-engraved POM and 8-bit sets at kbdfans.

I used to see full size realforce keycaps sets in widebasket’s eBay store, but they’ve been gone for a while.

AFACT, there’s no option for “extremely boring keycaps sets” for Realforce boards.

I have an 87u with the black/dark gray PBT keycaps. They’re fine for me, but neither my co-workers nor my wife can use them easily.

This initiative on 9009 PBT for Topre is fantastic.

However, I also honestly wish we could get more of the Realforce keycap blank sets INCLUDING modifiers. I particularly want the Sakura, Milk Blue, and white/grey sets:

As you just said, full Realforce keycaps are usually provided by widebasket. He had five different colors up until lately. Orange was the last one unsold, it was available about 10 days ago or so. I’m sure they will be available again, but demand is high and you have to act pretty fast because they come and go only few times a year.

He was selling blank keysets before too, but those are discontinued, AFAIK.

And by “boring” I mean unicolor, or in this case “office looking”. I’m sorry, this does not intrigure me at all, but I can accept if somebody likes it.

Having few different choices is just like having no choice at all, if they are all uninteresting.

Oh my god yes, I’m dying for some Sakura and Milk Blue blanks!

Definitely down for this set! I think it would look great on my white 660C & even better when (more like if, but anyways…) I get a Heavy 6!: metal:

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To those complaining about “boring colors” need to realize that if this set does well, it will probably lead to more colorful options in future GB’s. They are right to start with a classic looking set as it will have the highest asthetic compatibility and widest appeal. So don’t write negative comments if you want more color, encourage others who like this set to pick it up instead. :wink: