[IC] SA SAIL (Exact Dates, Final Kits, Pricing!)

Introducing SA SAIL

Based on the SAIL (Stanford AI Lab) keyboard created by Les Earnest, inventor of the Finger protocol. SAIL itself was started by John McCarthy, inventor of the LISP programming language. The SAIL keyboard inspired the Knight keyboard, which in turn inspired the LISP Machine CADR and Space Cadet keyboards. The keyboard features beautiful teal keycaps and a mix of APL and Greek top legends, as opposed to the Space Cadet keyboard where the Greek legends are on the front of the keys. The SAIL keyboard also introduced the META and TOP keys.

A couple of interesting quirks about the keyboard should be noted:

–The digit 0 key is to the left of the 1 key.
–The punctuation legends placement is quite different from modern keyboards.


GB will run from March 1-27 with the following vendors:

NA: NovelKeys
Canada: DeskHero
EU: MyKeyboard
Asia: iLumkb
Oceania: DailyClack




Green Hi-Contrast

Black Monochrome







Looks amazing! Think I’ll be joining this GB :beers:

Finally. GLWS!

that’s some nice pricing. Love the colors.

SP should step up the game and add 6u spacebars in SA & DSA profiles. All the chinese cheaper sets started offering them.

For what?

Tina A, mx sliders converted HHKB,FC660c,FC980c, Old cherry boards.

Nice work on the legends! I’ll be picking up the alphas for sure.

How did you get such decent pricing with custom legends? I was led to believe something like this would be much more costly, since SP would have to create all new molds.

We worked really hard on that! I’m proud of where we landed, but I’m not sure everyone will agree with your assessment. SA Symbiosis 2.0 was $38 for the Alphas and $70 for the Modifiers, so we are still coming in higher. Hopefully, people won’t mind. Also, I think having a 5th vendor helps spread the costs around and we’re only using 2 colors.


MINT…I’m in.

GB is now open. Please continue discussion at the Group Buy thread.