[IC] SA Skyriter

Ugh. I need sleep. Thank you.

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I want this set like yesterday! I have no green color way keysets, other than a cheap Tai Hao set.

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I’m thinking about adding a NorDe kit as there has been a fair amount of requests for it (no guarantees). For those of you who would be interested in this kit, am I missing anything or have any of the characters wrong?

But SA can only have 2 symbols so it will never be correct. :upside_down_face:

This is good stuff! :wink:

Pretty sure Oblivion had 3-4 legends actually. As an aesthetic decision, are top and bottom legends sufficient? In keeping with the typewriter theme they never had more than 2 legends from the era that I’m basing it on. At least as far as I can tell!

That’s more than I know, but I think the r2 Z is important for the Germans.
Aesthetic wise It’s not a deal breaker for me, but the legends seems a tad small.

Added the R2 “Z”. As for the legends this is just what Keyboard Layout Editor spits out. I might have to do these legends by hand just to better reflect the real legend sizes. I’ll be using existing moulds which are the regular dual legend sizes.

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Ok, ye existing molds should be right.

I think this set would look good to mix&match together with the SA Godspeed + Ares mods I already ordered. But I need to find out if I like SA first. :thinking:

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