[IC] ScrabblePad V2 - Here we go again

In case you weren’t aware, the ScrabblePad is a thing that exists.

https://geekhack.org/index.php?topic=95231.0 - Original GH IC thread and soon to be V2 IC thread
https://github.com/DonutCables/ScrabblePad - Github repo for all my pertinent design info

Originally IC’d back in the far off land of 2018, this was designed to go right along with the then Scrabble XDA keyset and the accompanying Scrabble Board by Novelkeys. 225 keys in a 15x15 matrix, powered by a Teensy++2.0, hardware support for a TRRS port and PJRC MicroSD reader, and internal pin and RGB pin headers, ScrabblePad was my first foray into taking a board all the way from idea to KiCad design to production, and arguably my most successful/troublefree GB to date. So obviously I want to push my luck and try it again :stuck_out_tongue:

This time I’d like to take it a little further. Without marketing it as a pairing to another case/board I don’t have to worry about meeting any design constraints other than my own. My current goals are as follows:

  • Keep the 15x15 format, though I am vaguely tossing around the idea of stepping up to 16x16 for some interactions there. This would take a great deal of positive feedback to do though since it would involve a more invasive changeup in design.

  • Presoldered diodes - This is the bare minimum I’m aiming for with components. 225+ diodes is just too much bending and soldering alongside the switches and other bits.

  • Different controller - Teensy++2.0 is nice and all, but between price to get them outside of the GB and the out of date hardware, I’d like something newer, functionally stronger, and possibly even a full SMD solution. I may consider ARM since that’s the current hotness.

  • Per-key RGB - Yep, you read that right. I want to go full ham and try to do a per-key RGB on a board this size, despite the potential power issues. Will it be tricky? Absolutely, but I think I can get it figured out with help of the fine folks over on the QMK Discord.

  • Hotswap - Kind of a “stretch” goal if you will, something I’d like to consider if there’s considerable support and it seems viable space-wise and cost-wise.

  • Encoder support - Alt goal, would be nice to have some encoder spots available if there’s pin space. All-key encoder support would be a 10/10 meme though.

  • SPI/Other connectivity breakouts

  • More? - Let me know what you’d be interested in seeing and I’ll see what’s possible.