[IC] THINK6.5° — Polycarbonate 65% Keyboard


I’m pretty interested in this, it’s really nice to see designs with material other than aluminum.


I need this. Been wanting a polycarb board and this is perfect!


Thanks so much my friend!




I said this on Reddit, but this looks lit AF. I am super excited for this GB, especially since it will by my first PC board. Thank you for all your hard work, @oldcat!


Thanks my friend! Hope to make your endgame PC board at a nice price!


UPDATE: 3D Printed Case coming in tomorrow. CNC Case coming in Monday/Tuesday


some more updates on the renders and the 3D printed case updated
the 3D print case has been tested to work perfectly and approved for CNC this weekend.



Those are some nice renders, any chance you can do one with clear caps?


Thanks! Glad you liked it. I will render clear caps later. Didnt think of it, could be a very cool idea, despite the lack of clear cap options.




All the latest renders you’ve put on here & GH look :fire:! Can’t wait for this to make it to GB! Even though I’ve dropped more money than I’d like to mention in the past month on KB stuff, I’m already sticking some cash to the side here & there for this. I even went with an alum. E6.5 since I want this to be my first polycarb board. :sunglasses:


Thanks my friend, will be able to share the prototype images with keycaps (as opposed to the renders) real soon!!


Looking forward to them!


Thanks bro!

Trying my best to deliver an endgame pc board!


Limited Edition full brass version (3 PVD colors) added.


Did you ever offer a badge that matches the case? More of a stealth look?


I planned to give out color badges as additional free raffle items.

But yes, a color poll will be up soon for color badges.