[IC] wilba.tech Thermal - PREORDER NOW

Is it still going to be spring mounted? Did that work out?

https://r.works/thermal says “Launching in June”, and it’s now July. Any updates?


We are getting things ready for a pre-order launch ASAP.


Will we get to see some more information (and hopefully pictures/renders) of the leaf spring mounting?

but… i just threw down all my cash on the u80. Must get more monies.

Ne pre-order avail?



I’ve got June 45th marked on my calendar. I had to modify the calendar a bit but I’m counting down the days!


We’re aiming for June 51st.


Good thing I added an extra row to my modified calendar!


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Hay fresh to custom keybs, on your site it says top case with blockers or without. What does that mean? Are the blockers for certain keyspaces or the top case is machined to have blocker in a certain place?

Blockers are parts of the case where a key could go, for example, HHKB layout has blockers on the left and right sides of the bottom row, WKL (Winkeyless) layout has blockers instead of windows keys and can trace it’s ancestry back to the original IBM keyboards which had a blocker between Control and Alt (before Windows was even a thing).

For Thermal, the options are HHKB layout with blockers, or no blockers at all, but still a 7U bottom row with 1.5U mods and 1U win keys.


No 6U HHKB option, huh? :frowning:


Seems like we’re getting closer

To leaf spring infos that is :smiley:

anyone else see the wrong perspective on this cap? I showed it to a few people who all saw an “odd light fixture” and a “tray”

I don’t follow…

Hoping we get a release date soon! What is a leaf spring? Looks like they’re used in MX Blues?

The modern Cherry MX Blue switch, on the other hand, uses a leaf spring pushed by a plastic slider (the grey one in the picture) as it passes by on its way down. When the slider is half way through, the leaf spring encounters no more resistance from the slider, thus closing a circuit that signals the computer about the key press. As the grey slider hits the bottom of the switch, it emits a high pitched “ click ” sound similar to the one of a mouse button.

“Leaf spring” can mean a number of different things that are mechanically-similar. In this case I wonder if it means the plate is held in place by a mechanism like this, which is used in a car’s suspension system.

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