[IC] wilba.tech Thermal


I agree that TEX ADA set would look nice with this board, but why they made this a laser engraved ABS set is beyond me. Personally I can’t stand laser engraved legends, even if they are infilled. Just something about being able to feel the legends bothers me. Also considering this a new profile you’d think they’d want to put their best foot forward with it being double shot ABS or BoW in PBT dye-sub. Just not sure who they are targeting with these as most TEX boards fall into the mid to high tier enthusiast level. So it’s not like someone buying a TEX board would be skimping out on the key caps. Although if the pricing is correct on KBDfans ($35 for base, $35 for extension, & $35 for novelties) $105 is a decent price for what you get. Still I see these being more used to replace key caps on off the shelf boards vs people buying it for their higher end boards.


I live in Melbourne and we have a decent amount of brutalist architecture.

My favourite has an awesome mural:


That mural is awesome! I’m glad whatever city that is in let it stay. As far as brutalist architecture goes, it’s not in my top fav styles but I do like it & have a huge respect for it being a carpenter that has worked on bigger bldgs/structures in my career. It definitely takes a creative & talented mind to make what is a utilitarian first bldg/structure & add enough flair to make it stand out from the crowd. Especially when you consider whoever is footing the bill wants that done without a huge cost increase compared to a plain box style bldg/structure.

That said (sorry for going so far off topic) I definitely dig the design you’ve chosen for this board & the mounting style is really intriguing me, can’t wait to see how you’ll be doing that! I’ll definitely be keeping any eye on this project & as long as my finances at the time allow be grabbing one come GB time! Great job so far with this, GL with the rest of the process! :metal:


oh yes please! Optional hot-swap PCB? :crossed_fingers:


Galactic Empire DSA could really work with this too I think. :slight_smile:


This keyboard looks so hype! I am super excited to see and hear more about it.


The GMK Olivia pairing looks great. I can see this design being really popular as an endgame setup :star_struck:


Ive heard of switches that use a “Leaf Spring”, but Im unclear on how that would translate to a plate mount.

Are there other examples, or something I could look up to get a better idea for how that plate would work here?


As far as I know this is a totally new thing Wilba is pioneering; don’t think there are other examples to study.



New renders added to original post, showing the “no blocker” case. Thanks Zambumon!

Prototype case is in production.

I am working with Rama to produce a Thermal keycap. :open_mouth:



Added GMK Olive renders. Thanks Zambumon!





See 2nd post:


Good lordy, that’s hot!


When does the preorder start