[IC] Yuikp 65, 65% Angled Aluminum Keyboard Kit

Hello All, this is an IC for my Yuikp 65 design, an angled 65% keyboard with an integrated plate.

Project Details:

  1. Weight is 2.1 kg, or about 4.5 lbs
  2. PCB is USB-C, qmk compatible, the SirCheddar65
  3. Case Details:
    a. Integrated plate & case design, aluminum
    b. Bottom panel, aluminum
  4. Plate is 1.5mm thickness
  5. Plate supports these layouts: https://imgur.com/a/PMWUSne
  6. Color Options: https://imgur.com/a/uCGrEXK
  7. Glamour shots: https://imgur.com/a/N570Zrf
  8. Typing test: Yuikp Angle Follow Up Typing Test After Lubricating Stabilizers - YouTube
  9. Assembly video:
  10. My website: sircheddar.com
  11. My instagram: sir.cheddar
  12. My reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/TheSirCheddar

Pricing: 349 USD, including shipping to US/EU/Asia (any place not super hard to get to).
Timeline: From closing GB to shipping customer boards, approximately 6 weeks.


What’s the front height of the board? Also, what is the typing angle? You left the color options blank. Is this still up in the air? With a board like this, I would like to see more photos of a build with keycaps. I want to see the tolerances around the edges. How much space is there between the keycaps and the case, etc…

hey, thank you for the interest in my design. The typing angle is 7 degrees.

I made the front height of the board as low as I could make it. I need to check on that measurement for you.

the color options are silver, grey, pink, and black. I need to get that picture uploaded.

Here are a few builds with keycaps! https://imgur.com/a/N570Zrf

i don’t know the exact amount of space between the keycaps and the case. i measured, and made adjustments, until i found a distance that I thought looked proper to me.