iLumKB Extras 11/11

Quite the list for extras!
Thank @Nebulant for the pic


hope i get the olivia spacebar kit
can somebody post here an invite to their discord?


We all know the site will crash or get botted before anyone can checkout.


It should be hard to be botted if the products are not listed till the launch.
Anyway… for sure there will be a lot of traffic.

Looks like the GMK sets are all sold out within minutes. Were the prices increased significantly over original GB prices?

I got a 4mm plate no problem :joy:
I don’t think anyone was rushing for that btw but I’ve been waiting for a stock refresh for like a year! Can’t wait to put it in my Retro60 case with some foam. Hopefully gonna be some nice sounds coming outta that now.


I think so? I didn’t check prices (was still enjoying my sleep hehe), but someone I know said the gmk matrix set costed $340

That’s what I have in my retro60! Great minds…

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How’s the feel of it? What are the rest of the components?
I had a talk with @cijanzen on discord about this.
I am considering a 60% build around this plate, but don’t know if it’s actually worth it.

damn i just saw this. .was really hoping for a sec there to grab a Peachblossom set for my daughter’s birthday keeb =(

feels like a more dampened tray mount. Slightly less harsh bottoming out. The thick plate helps to make the feel of the switches more even around the board. I have NK dry switches in mine.

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novelkeys still hasn’t dropped their extras for peachblossom yet I believe

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