I'm bored and I enjoy discussing with the community so let's discuss about switches


Oh gotcha


I’m a linear guy. I really used to like tactile until I got a board with Vintage Blacks.

Zeal’s claim that his V2’s are better than Holy’s is completely false IMO. I have V2 67g and 78g sitting next to some Holy Gsus right now. Holy’s are by far better than V2’s in the length of the bump and overall quality of a housing material that is used. If you like Tactile switches then Holy Gsus/Pandas are still the reigning champion without a doubt. I also have a soft spot for Ergo Clears still…

My favorite Linear at the moment are Tangerines… I have a spring swapped Milky Tangerine and they are really nice. Also Retooled Blacks are nice too… I did a 65g spring swap with mine and they feel great. Im a big fan of anything that has milky gateron housing for linears. I was actually thinking about using my tangerine tops and putting them on my retooled blacks.


I think vintage blacks suck us all into the linear life man, yeah I’m not a huge fan on transparent switch housing I like the sound opaque housings offer more but in the sound tests I’ve heard of zeals v2 switches the housings sound surprisingly good honestly. I know topre will always be my end game tactile switch so I mainly buy linears when I buy mx now but still do enjoy the different tactility mx switches offer every once in a while.


I feel like retooled blacks work really well as a canvas to try out different lubes since it’s pretty hard to screw up retooled blacks.

I also think that is what makes them the vanilla ice cream of switches. They’re pretty plain on their own and the best you can do is spruce it up a bit with some toppings (lube & spring swap), but it will always have this plain essence that you can’t really go wrong with.

Personally I like the NK creams I have quite a bit and are definitely looking forward to picking more up to do more builds with them. I think they accomplish the same feat as retooled blacks but are overall a more fun canvas to work on with lubes and spring swaps.

I also gotta give a shoutout to gat linears for being an all around delight. Hmu with that milky housing on a black bottom for a nice rounded sound.


Modded blacks are just a really clean feeling switch to me if I had to describe them in words. I do want to try some NK creams, how do POM housing sound compared to Nylon housings?


Hey Huey how is the wobble on creams in comparison to retooled blacks anyways? Wobble is one of the few things I compare when comparing linears quality.


Hmm from what I remember on the top of my head they’re about equal? I’d have to take the switches out to refresh my memory; I’ll try to test them out for you tonight or tomorrow.


Much appreciated, I look forward to your reply.


I ordered some Holy Pandas from Massdrop