IQUNIX OG80 Dark Side (How do you think?)


Looks kinda cool ngl. Not for my setup tho.

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Is this supposed to be the Cyberdeck without the screen?

They do make some unique keyboards. How’s the build quality?

It’s a solid pre-built board, with a satisfying typing experience!

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The layout could have been better with just one mod 1U key to the right of the F12. Also having a blocker for the arrows is much better IMO.

Though layout is fairly subjective, I’m not sure who in the custom kb community would be able to look passed the mod legends.

If you’re connected to the vendor/IQUNIX, I’m sure the community would appreciate the transparency.

Hi, is the 2.4 connection mode supported on windows 11?

It should be; as far as Windows is concerned it’s just a USB device - unlike with bluetooth (in most cases), all the wireless hand-shaking is done solely between the keeb and the USB receiver it comes with. (Welcome to KeebTalk!)

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Thanks for the replies.
Also, is it possible to customize (using the driver app) the functions row to match for example the following…?

They are the default functions of the keyboard. You just need to switch to the mac operating system.