Is there a standard for mounting holes for 100% boards?

I’ve been digging, but I can’t find a single reference to a standard or standardish mechanical layout for 100% boards and enclosures. If, theoretically, I were designing a 100% board, what should I crib from to decide where mounting holes go?

It seems like there isn’t much standardization once you get above 60%. Most of the 60% boards are compatible with most of the cases out there.

With TKL, you pretty much need to buy a case designed exactly for your model KB or a very small number of models from a single manufacturer (eg Norbatouch).
Haven’t ever seen an aftermarket 100% case.

There’s a couple informal “standards” for TKLs (A.87, B.87, Filco), but trying to find any practical information on any of them is an exercise in frustration …

About the most you get for full size boards is standardized layouts – mounting and cases seem to be a lot more varied though …