Is there any shells/enclosures for a "floating" build?

i really like floating boards, but my choices are limited. currently im using a cheap chinese board called fe87, it has a unique magnet top shell that you can remove, basically turn it into a floating board. but im not happy with its look. the indicators are ugly and has exposed screws, the plate is also uneven.

id like a shell that houses generic 87 pcb (i dont like smaller layout) has decent space for sound dampening and mostly not too overly expensive. i dont really care about rgb, also dont mind what kind of structure it is, plate or not.

Hello and welcome!

I guess I’d have to say “not really” - in that most floating style boards are of the prebuilt commercial variety and don’t have standardized parts. It’s also true that while there are a few generic footprints that are sort of cross-compatible between brands and such, there isn’t actually that much standardization in keyboards.

There’s a sort of unofficial standard used by many 60% cases, and gummy o-ring mounted boards can go in all kinds of stuff as long as it has a hollow rectangle the right size - but outside of that, there’s not much in the way of generic enclosures. The closest thing might be the Costar TKL footprint used by half a dozen or so manufacturers like Filco and CoolerMaster; there are aftermarket Filco cases that more or less fit all the other boards with the same PCB footprint - but that’s an exception rather than the rule - and none of those are floating style.

While a bunch of companies sell a version of the fe87, they’re all pretty much the same as each-other, and I don’t think there are other enclosures that accommodate the fe’s PCB.

Another sort of exception that is floating style would be keyboards built on the open-source footprint established by the K-type; currently the Drop CTRL and the Hexgears Gemini. They aren’t cheap (between 2 and 4 times the price of an fe87 depending on sales), but they are probably the nicest floating style boards I can think of off-hand - and you can get replacement PCBs if you ever need one.

There is also this thing which ships with low-profile switches, but supposedly it works with any 3-pin MX style switch - just as an alternative floating keeb option.