It's ya boy Quakemz

Heyo, boys and girls,

I’m Quakemz, 29 years old, co-founder and co-host of Top Clack, as well as a keyboard enthusiast of 4 years. What started as a simple keyboard hobby has evolved into a lifestyle itself, which has been a very fun ride, overall. I have several goals in this, but the leading ones are to gain as much knowledge and first-hand experience about the hobby as possible and, educating the people that desire to learn. Our hobby has evolved so much in the last few years, but there are still many things that can help it, and us. I want to be known as a pillar of knowledge, experience, and positivity in the keyboard community.

When I’m not learning new things in this hobby, you can often find me chillin’ with a fine whiskey or nice local brew, sometimes playing video games or watching anime, though almost always with a keyboard in front of me. :wink:


Hey Brian! Great to see you over here!! Your attitude of teaching and positivity is a great example of what makes keyboard people so awesome.

Boy oh boy is tonight going to be an interesting TopClack. :astonished: I can’t wait to hear your take on things.


Agreed, attitude like that is the reason why I am mostly only active on the Top Clack discord.

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Hello hello

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Hey @Quakemz ! Some real possibilities with this project man. I’m excited to see what this forum becomes.

I like my Quakemz
I like my Quakemz Toast
I like my Budget Quakemz
I like them all the most

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You are too cute. lol

Thanks! Though, I have no direct involvement with this project. This is outside the realm of Top Clack. I’m a user, just like everyone else. Just trying to find things I like and dislike about it, and relay that to the admins. :slight_smile:

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A voice of reason as always (Mostly when no mod coloured spacebars are in the base kit :stuck_out_tongue:).

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Awaiting waffles vs pancakes thread.

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You are the TL;DR we all need, but don’t deserve.


There are few things that anger me more… :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ll do a full write up. OR maybe even a video… :open_mouth:

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Yeah, I know, but all the same my statement stands! Glad to see you here!

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A roast was considered as well for the rhyme. But I couldn’t find the NSFW section…

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You can always roast me. I can handle it. :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s up @Quakemz! Looks like we’re assembling the A team here! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Lots of big names from the community showing up makes me even more excited for what this place will be! I’m still fairly fresh to the community so my intro was more an intro to me. Although between what you & Ryan said in yours, you guys are setting great influences for us newbs & those who come after!

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A-team, for sure. So many amazing people here already! Though I’m not involved in the site, I truly believe this will be an amazing place over time. The launch was a little rushed, but as things get hashed out and people start to understand the real message and try out the interface for themselves, I think it’ll get better and better. :slight_smile:

Spacedust IPA

One of the most average craft beers there ever were. :laughing: