Joel from Switzerland

Hi everyone

I found this community while searching for a way to implement a non-standard key layout idea I came across and further modified to my preferences.

So far, the only experience I have with keyboard customization is editing the configuration files in /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols/ under ArchLinux.


Hello Joel!

Curious to see what this non-standard layout idea that you have is. Do you have any personal goals with it, like is it aimed for ergonomics, for ease of hitting certain keys/symbols for certain professional uses, etc?

The base layout I was inspired by is
The main two ideas I took from that are the repositioning of the non-60% keys as well as the realization that I can use the space of the CapsLock key for something better. Maybe the Kana or Loya key?

That being said, I’m also experimenting with rearranging the alphanumeric keys to reflect my usage and demoting the top row numbers by replacing them with symbols I use often - since I already have the NumPad. Though that’s mostly a question of keymapping and keycap labelling.

Actually, I think I’ll make the former CapsLock key into the “Kana” modifier key (held, like Shift and AltGr), repurpose the NumLock key to be a KanaLock, and set the NumLock state to always-on. If that’s possible.

Or, instead of making NumLock into a KanaLock, I add a dip switch that decides whether the kana modifier is a toggle or a held key and get rid of the NumLock key entirely.

Hey Joelproko,
I’ve been thinking about a kind of non-standard keyboard layout for a while now. (i’m the maintainer of KeyBored)
Lately i’ve been planning a prototype build of this project, since my wife showered my previous keyboard with beer. A better excuse to make your own can hardly be used.
Expect some updates on the page throughout the summer. Thanks for you interest.

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