John from North Carolina

Hi all! Long time lurker first time caller. My name is John and I grew up with a TRS-80 model 1, 3 and an IBM 5150 so I’m a big fan of the IBM model F and M.

I don’t have any crazy modern mech boards (yet) but I’m full of questions and looking forward to falling head long down the mech board rabbit hole.

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Welcome John! That’s quite the list of boards you have been able to grow up on which is awesome. Do you remeber/know which Model Fs and Ms that you used? Both of those boards can be fantastic in their own way. I actually just got my first Model M SSK the other day and I’m pretty happy with it. Hope to see your future boards! Anything crazy and modern catch your eye yet?

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Thanks! I actually have a model F now that I use at my work bench. I converted it with via soarer’s converter instructions. I also have a dolch board from an old network sniffer. I use it as my daily driver at work. I keep the F close at home. That and the F is so loud I’m afraid I’d drive my office mates mad.


Welcome to the community John! Sounds like you are already off to a great start with a vintage board collection & have some knowledge about converting them so you may be able to teach us some stuff too! The modern boards, while they look pretty wild are fairly basic as far as putting them together goes. All you really need to know how to do is some basic through hole soldering & how to use a screwdriver LOL! Feel more than free to ask any questions you might have though!